Planet Dog Adds A New Crop Of Carrots To Its Line Of Produce Dog Toys

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Remember when your mom told you to stop playing with your vegetables? That bit of nagging certainly doesn’t apply to Planet Dog’s new Carrot from the Orbee-Tuff Produce dog toy line. The Carrot is the newest pick of the Produce collection that also features the fresh offerings of the Raspberry, the Strawberry, the Artichoke, and the Eggplant.

planet-dog-produce-orbee-tuffA balanced part of a fun day of play, the Carrot and the rest of the Produce line of Orbee-Tuff dog toys are not only durable but also harvested in the USA. Add to that the fact that they are buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed, and you’ve got a dog toy that not only stands up to an active chewer, but is also good for the earth.  You’ve got to love a toy that thinks about the environment and your dog’s fun. On top of that, these toys are socially responsible – Planet Dog donates 2 percent of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to support canine service programs across the country.

Ideal for all types of dogs, the Carrot measures in at 7.25” in length and with a diameter of 3.25”. I love the Carrot because it comes with a Treat-Spot – this makes it awesome for stuffing with treats to keep your dog occupied when you want to make an escape from the house or keep his attention averted.  The rest of the Produce product line ranges in size, so you can pick the right size for your small, medium or large dog. Plus, all of these toys rate 4 out of 5 chompers on Planet Dog’s Durability Scale, which means that they are suitable for “fairly aggressive” chewers.

The Planet Dog Carrot Orbee-Tuff has a suggested retail price of $14.95. You can buy it online at Planet Dog’s website and at pet retailers nationwide.