All-Natural Wondercide Jerky Dog Treats A Safe and Tasty Option For Concerned Pet Parents

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If you like your dog jerky made in the USA, then you’ll want to turn your attention to Wondercide’s Jerky Medallions and Jerky Strips. With so much news surrounding recalls and illness due to to unsafe jerky, Wonderscide’s products will offer pet parents security about what they are feeding their pets.

Made in the USA, Wondercide’s 100 percent natural Jerky Medallions and Jerky Strips are free of a lot of stuff – pesticides, hormones, grains, antibiotics and preservatives, plus they are cruelty-free and contain no artificial flavors. The treats are low-calorie (only 18 calories per serving) making them a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional treats. Because Wondercide treats do not include pesticides or preservatives, treats must be refrigerated after opening (they have a shelf life of three weeks).

“We recognized a need to develop treats that are not only healthful, but will support a holistic and safe approach to pet care,” says Stephanie Boone, CEO and founder of Wondercide LLC. “We’re confident pets will love the taste, and pet owners will gain peace of mind knowing our product contains only beneficial ingredients.”

Wondercide’s Jerky Medallions are available in two flavors: Chicken, Carrot and Sea Salt and Rabbit, Carrot and Sea Salt and retail for $13.99. Wondercide’s Jerky Strips are available in Chicken Breast and Sea Salt flavor and retail for $13.99. You can buy your own bag at Wondercide’s website.