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Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

To help you stop your dog from barking, we handpicked the best bark collars for small dogs on the market. From vibration and sound-only bark collars to shock, and spray anti-bark collars, here are 10 bark collars that will help you get some peace and quiet – finally!

Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Festivities

Planning a wedding, and thinking about how you’ll include the most important people in your life, is exciting. But if pets are a part of your family, you might…

Holiday Gifts for Your Cats: Tips and Recommendations

Your cat is a member of your family, so why not include them in the gift giving tradition of the holidays by getting them something special? With a wide range o…

How Do I Create a DIY Busy Box for My Dog?

5 Types of Dog EnrichmentWhen people talk about enrichment for dogs, they often focus on two forms – physical enrichment and mental enrichment. But you may be surprised to learn that there are five types to consider, each with unique benefits for your dog. To provide the best possible quality of life for your dog, you will need to consider how to find (or create) opportunities for all five types of enrichment.PhysicalJust as we must be physically active for our health and well-being, so do our dogs. The amount of exercise your dog needs will vary from dog to dog, depending on their age, breed, and lifestyle. For example, a high-energy puppy will need more daily activity to feel satisfied than a senior dog, and a high-energy working breed will need more exercise than a calm, companion breed. Physical enrichment includes everything from walking around the block or playing fetch in the backyard to navigating a challenging hiking trail. The goal is to get up and moving.NutritionalActivities that fall under the nutritional enrichment category require your dog to hunt or forage for their food. This includes food puzzles, treat dispensing toys and snuffle mats. But you don’t have to purchase a fancy product to incorporate nutritional enrichment. One easy (and free) solution is to hide treats around the room and watch your dog sniff out the rewards. Games like this tap into your dog’s natural instincts.SocialWith the recent boost of dogs being adopted during the lockdown, this is a need that many new dog parents didn’t meet. Not because they didn’t want to, they simply didn’t know better. But socialization is essential to raise a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog. The key to socializing your dog correctly is to do it slowly and under careful supervision.Allow your dog to discover new people, places, and things without feeling frightened or in danger. If you are letting your dog meet a dog for the first time, it should be done carefully with both dogs under control to prevent fights or other unpleasant situations. This is why so many dog trainers discourage dog parks and off-leash areas. Many well-meaning dog parents will bring their pups to these locations only to have them rushed by an “overly friendly” dog, causing overstimulation which can lead to fear or aggression. Instead, consider signing up for a puppy training class or arranging supervised puppy play dates with a dog lover you know and trust.In addition to introducing your dog to other dogs, social enrichment should include interactions with people, cats, objects (like cars and bicycles), and new environments. Make sure you are in control heading into each experience, and remove your dog quickly if you see they are becoming overwhelmed.

What to Do If Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy?

If your dog eats Halloween candy, it's important to take immediate action to ensure their safety, as many of these candies can be toxic to dogs. Here's what you need to.

Holiday Gifts for Dogs to Include Them in the Fun

It’s the gift giving season, and you’re thinking about all of the people you’ll buy presents for, but why not also add your canine companion to the list? With s…

Cat in Heat: Signs and What to Do

If you have an unspayed female cat, it’s just a matter of time before she goes into heat and is ready to mate. But will you be able to recognize that she’s i…

Spaniel Breeds

To learn more about all of these magnificent dogs, dive with us into the diverse world of spaniel breeds and meet some of the most popular spaniels around!

How Do You Give an Uncooperative Cat a Pill?

How exactly do you go about giving an uncooperative cat a pill? You can’t just avoid it altogether – it has to be done one way or the other. Read on to find out how to do it without ending up covered in scratches!

Intestinal Worms in Dogs: Types and Symptoms

Although an unpleasant topic to think about, the harsh reality is that worms are a common problem in dogs – one that you need to know how to tackle and prevent.…

10 Pet Industry Trends at SuperZoo 2023

Last month, nearly 18,000 pet professionals gathered in Las Vegas for North America’s largest pet retail event – SuperZoo! Here, brands showcased their newest and most innovative product lines, new products were launched, and connections were made that would help shape the pet industry as we know it. As a member of the media, we have a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends (as well as those starting to fall from the limelight). Are you interested in learning about what you can expect to see in the coming weeks and months from your local pet stores and favourite pet brands? I’m going to break down some of the biggest pet industry trends I identified while walking the show floor at this year’s show! Let’s get started… Opening the Door to Travel for a Wide Range of PetsWe are all familiar with the many carriers, crash-tested harnesses, and other products available for travelling with our cats and dogs. This isn’t changing! Brands continue to bring new travel gear to the forefront for our furry friends, making travel safer, more convenient, and more comfortable than ever before. But this wasn’t the most exciting shift that I noticed…A growing number of brands are focused on making travel accessible for ALL pets. It was great to see backpacks and harnesses for birds, carriers designed specifically for travelling and road trips with rabbits and other smaller animals, and more. Pets are such a special part of our lives. I love that so many more opportunities are being created to embrace this and make more memories together. Of course, disclaimer: this comes with training, conditioning, time, and understanding of your pet’s personality. Not every pet, including dog and cat travellers, will be interested in heading out on a car ride or jet-setting across the country. But they make the best travel companions if they are comfortable with it. Enrichment for Pets of All Shapes and SizesAnother trend that isn’t entirely new is the push for enrichment for our pets. But I noticed two key differences in the products this year. First, there were more products for birds, small animals, and reptiles than in previous years (although I first saw this trend emerging at the show in 2022). For example, foraging toys for rabbits were once difficult to find, and when you did, they all looked the same. Now, there are a variety of different shapes, sizes, styles, and puzzle types to keep your bunny interested and engaged. This reflects our growing understanding of the importance of mental enrichment for the health and well-being of our pets. Another trend that was clear in the enrichment space was the need for new types of enrichment for our pets. Dog puzzle feeders have been around for quite a while, but this show introduced puzzle feeders with additions, interchangeable parts, or multiple challenges in a single feeder. This lets you change the puzzle from use to use, keeping mealtime interesting.

What Is Scent Enrichment for Cats?

Your cat has a powerful sense of smell that she uses to navigate her surroundings and make decisions, so it’s important to consider your kitty when using scente…

What to Know About Osteoarthritis in Cats

Osteoarthritis, also referred to as OA, is a condition that’s common in cats – experts have found that 90% of kitties over the age of 12 have it. And because ca…

Pawesome Valentine’s Day Dog Gifts That Let You Share The Love!

Love is in the air! Then again, isn’t love always in the air when your furbaby is around? We know it is, so we thought we’d find some fun and pawesome gift idea…

How Can I Ease My Dog's Separation Anxiety When I Leave the House?

There are a number of ways that you can counter separation anxiety and eliminate it altogether. Read on to learn more about how to deal with this behavioral issue successfully!

Can Dogs Fly On United Airlines?

In case your flight is with United Airlines, these are the requirements and regulations you should have in mind before boarding with your four-legged friend in tow – read on to ensure a safe and stress-free trip for you and your dog.

Can a German Shepherd Live in an Apartment?

In a nutshell, yes, German Shepherds can live in an apartment, but the answer is not as simple as yes or no. To make sure your German Shepherd pet won’t be unhappy in an apartment you will have to make sure that they have all the comforts of living that they need.

What Is Endurance Training for Dogs?

Endurance training for dogs is a type of exercise program designed to improve a dog's cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and – as the name suggests – endurance.

How Can I Help My Dog Adjust to a New Routine

Dogs thrive when they have an established routine. They like things to be predictable, so surprises are not always welcomed with enthusiasm. This means that any major changes in that established routine will require plenty of adjustment and could result in some odd behaviors.

Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Read on to learn more about sunscreen for dogs and other ways you can keep your pet safe from UV rays in the summer.

Domestic Medium Hair

Domestic Medium Hair cats are referred to as mutts because they are mixed breed felines that can have the looks and characteristics of different breeds.


The Froston is a cross between a purebred Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. These dogs are playful, but they are also calm and laid-back.

How to Clean a Pet Water Fountain

Pet water fountains can entice dogs and cats to drink more water, and they can be more convenient for pet parents, too. Unfortunately, they’re a bit more compli…

How to Keep an Eye on Your Pets When You Aren’t Home

Thanks to modern technology, you can stay on top of what your pets are up to even when you aren’t home, so you can take that trip without worrying as much about…

Benefits of Pet Water Fountains for Dogs

Leaving a bowl of fresh, clean water out for your dog is imperative. But would your pooch prefer drinking from a pet water fountain instead? There are a host…

Is Blue-Green Algae Toxic to Dogs?

If your dog happens to take a dip in the nearby pond or a lake and encounters the blue-green algae, should you be worried? How toxic is this bacteria to pets? Here’s what you need to know.

Can Cats Get Separation Anxiety Like Dogs?

We all know that dogs tend to get very attached to their owners, and will often get separation anxiety as a result. But what about seemingly aloof and independent kitties?

Fall Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog

Autumn brings cooler days filled with sunshine, so it’s a great season to spend more time outside with your dog, especially if you were mostly indoors with the…

How Can I Prevent My Male Dog From Marking Territory With Urine?

Is there a way to fix this irritating habit? Read on to learn how you can solve the issue of urine marking once and for all.

How Much Water Should My Dog Drink Daily?

Ensuring your canine companion stays adequately hydrated is an important aspect of pet parenting – but the trick is knowing what staying hydrated actually me…