The Netherlands Just Became First County With No Stray Dogs

With an estimated 200 million stray dogs worldwide it’s clear that the issue of abandoned pets is a major problem for many countries across the globe. Except for the Netherlands!

Innovation Showdown Offers $350k Investment for Ideas That Save Animal

Dubbed the Shark Tank of animal welfare, Innovation Showdown gives organizations the opportunity to compete for a sizable investment for rescuing animals.

New California Bill Only Allows Pet Stores to Sell Rescued or Shelter

A new law in California makes a strong statement about puppy mills -- it would be illegal for pet stores to sell animals, unless they're from a shelter.

Shelter Spotlight: Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation

Known for his loud suits and as an NHL hockey commentator, Don Cherry has a soft spot for pets - that's why he started Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation.

Petco Foundation Grants Holiday Wishes With $750,000 Donation

The Petco Foundation, in collaboration with Petco, announced the names of 54 animal welfare organizations who are receiving $750,000 worth of grants through…

New Standards Set for Dog Breeders With Canine Care Certified Program

Purdue University's Animal Welfare researchers roll out their dog breeders' Canine Care Certified voluntary program, which is expected to improve breeding.

Michigan Pushes For Felony Charges When Owners Leave Pets in Cars

Tired of hearing about pets who die in hot cars? So are two Michigan lawmakers who have introduced bills that will make this crime a felony.

HSUS Releases Horrible Hundred 2016 Puppy Mills List

The HSUS is trying to shut down puppy mills by educating the public with its 2016 list of 100 of the worst US dog breeding operations.

Let’s Celebrate Humane Society Day

November 22 is Humane Society Day. The largest nonprofit animal protection organization in the US, the HSUS is dedicated to the welfare of animals.