New Video Game for Dogs Could Reveal Early Signs of Canine Dementia

A company called Joipaw has developed a tracker and video game console for dogs whose primary goal is to monitor canine health and behavior issues before the symptoms become serious.

Please Note: We Need Smoko’s Heated Corgi Slippers

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Kickstarter Gloves Keep You Warm While You Scoop The Poop

Walkease winter gloves for dog owners promise to make long walks in the cold easier to bear. Can't say the same from picking up poop, though.

Target Pairs With BarkBox To Offer Cool Pet Products In-Store

If you love BarkBox, you're going to love this news. Target and popular subscription service have teamed up to offer cool pet products in store locations.

SuperZoo 2017 – Day 1 Highlights

PetGuide.com is cruising the booths at SuperZoo 2017, and we want to give you a sneak peak to the cool new pet products hitting store shelves soon!

2016 Global Pet Expo Pet Product Wrap Up

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