New Study Shows Dogs Cry Emotional Tears When Reunited With Owners

For the longest time, it was believed that humans are the only ones that produce tears when emotional, but a new study done in Japan shows that man's best friend adopted the same trait, too.

What to Do If Your Newly Adopted Dog Isn’t a Good Fit

Even when you have the best intentions, sometimes things don't work out. So what do you do if you adopt a dog, but it turns out you're not a good match?

New Research Shows Dogs Can Be Generous

As if you needed a reason to be an animal lover, new research shows that dogs can be generous, especially when it comes to sharing with someone they know.

New Research Shows Stress Can Turn Your Dog’s Fur Gray

You know how you always tell the kids that they’re making you go gray prematurely? Research has found that stress can also affect the color of your dog…

Dogs Remember More Than They Let Us Believe

Because we don't speak dog, measuring what pooches can remember isn't easy. Now, researchers have proof that dogs have memory ability similar to humans.

New Research Sheds Light on Factors That Make Dogs Adoptable

Animal experts are looking for ways to increase adoption rates. New research offers insight to assist shelter staff ensure dogs put their best paw forward.

Study: Your Dog’s Sweet Dreams Are Because of You!

A Harvard researcher confirmed the unconscious connection between dogs and their humans. It turns out that when your dog sleeps, he probably dreams of you!

Research Says Your Dog Only Thinks About Himself

Selfish dog study is questionable, based on how the researchers set up the study. Read about their study and decide for yourself on its validity.

Research Finds That Doggy Paddling Helps Canine Joint Issues

Is Hydrotherapy included in your pet insurance policy? You may want it - researchers confirm that swimming helps dogs with joint issues

Study: Dogs Use Scent To Detect Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics [Video]

Dogs truly are mankind's best friend. New research shows how dogs can detect oncoming hypoglycaemic episodes in humans by sniffing them out.

New York State Passes Legislation to Protect Former Research Animals [

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! More states need follow NY's lead in passing laws that allow former scientific research animals to be put up for adoption.

Researchers Discover Possible Supernatural “Sixth Sense” in Dogs

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute have discovered the existence of cryptochromes, a type of molecule that allows dogs to detect magnetic fields.

Encouraging Research Links Heart Failure Cause and Treatment for Dogs

University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College Researchers are working to discover the cause of dog heart failure and how to treat it genetically.

Study Says That Pet Type Says A Lot About You

Being a dog, cat, bird or other kind of pet owner says a lot about you. Perhaps more than you expected - do any of these things ring true with you?

Can We Predict The Life Expectancy Of Dogs?

Predicting a dog's lifespan has been iffy, at best. That's why researchers have looked at the stats and came up with an average number for 165 dog breeds.

Big Bang Theory: The Science Behind Dogs & Loud Noise

Why do some dogs hate fireworks, while others seem unaffected by the sound? New research studies the behavior behind noise sensitivities.

New Study Says Dogs Process Faces In Specific Area Of Their Brain

What's going in your dog's head? Thanks to science, we're getting closer to a mind meld! Their gray matter works a lot harder than previously believed.

Research Finds Fear And Anxiety Negatively Affects Dogs Health And Lif

Research shows that stress that causes fear and anxiety be devastating for dogs, cutting lifespans short and causing all kinds of health problems.

Doggy See, Doggy Do? Study Looks At Dogs Adopting Owners’ Personalit

Sometimes, we swear that our dogs are really furry humans – they’ve got their own personalities… don’t they? Here’s what scien…

Science Proves There’s Such A Thing As Dog People And Cat People

Some people prefer cats, others are drawn to dogs. A new study shows that it all boils down to specific personality traits. You are competitive and constantl…

The Quest For Dog: One Writer’s Search For The Perfect Dog Begins

Bringing a dog into your home shouldn’t be a spur-of-the-moment decision. It takes research, dedication and lots of planning to make sure you and your…