Norway Bans Breeding Of Brachycephalic Breeds

In a landmark ruling for dog breeding, a Norwegian court has essentially banned the breeding of two common flat-faced dog breeds due to issues with their pro…

Olde English Bulldogge

The Olde English Bulldogge is a cross between a purebred English Bulldog, American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Bullmastiff.


The Beabull is a breed of designer dog created by crossing a English Bulldog with a Beagle. The result is a loving dog with a strong, independent streak.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

There are many reasons why these dogs made it onto the Most Popular Dog Breeds list. Here are the top 10 breeds that the AKC named as very good dogs!

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Apartments

Size does matter - especially if you live in compact quarters. We've come up with a list of our Top 10 best dog breeds for apartments and small spaces.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Lily

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Lily, a 4 to 5 years old English Bulldog from Indianapolis, Indiana. She spayed and vaccinated.

Top 10 Greedy Dog Breeds

Some dogs just can't get enough... of everything! Here's our list of the top 10 greedy dog breeds that need more, more, more!

Top 10 Big Dog Breeds for Families

Bigger can be better - especially when it comes to dogs. We've come up with our list of top 10 big dog breeds for families so you can see which one fits your lifestyle.

Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds

These dogs have a mighty woof - and the strength to back it up. When you want a dog that's got your back, consider these strongest dog breeds.

Top 10 Calm Dog Breeds

Just calm down! We don't want you to be over-stimulated - and that's why we put together this list of top 10 calm dog breeds.

Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Failing To Pay Support For Their Dog

This ex-husband had agreed to pay money towards the upkeep of their dog. However, he didn't stick to the arrangement so now he's being sued!


The Bullador blends the gentle personality of the Labrador Retriever with the sweet-natured stamina of the Bulldog to produce a playful, loving family dog.

Is Bulldog Breed Doomed to Extinction?

Say it ain't so! The beloved breed and popular mascot's future may be at risk - scientists blame its limited gene pool for health risks.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Bruce

With a grin like that, our Adoptable Dog of the Week will bring someone lots of laughs. Bruce is a English Bulldog and Boxer mix from Spokane, Washington.

10 Bodacious Facts About Bulldogs

To celebrate "Bulldogs are Beautiful" day, we've rounded up some captivating facts about one of the most popular dog breeds in the world - the Bulldog!

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Charles

Charles, our Adoptable Dog of the Week, lives up to the notoriety of the breed's good nature. A 6-year-old male English Bulldog from Miami, Florida.

American Bullnese

The American Bullnese is a mix of breeds, predominately the English Bulldog and the Pekingese. They are short, stocky little clowns who love snuggling.

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Maude

Meet Maude, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Maude is an adult female English Bulldog from Decatur, Illinois. She’s already spayed, housetrained, purebre…

5 Fragrant Treatments For Dog Flatulence

Everyone blames toots on the dog, but sometimes you do come across an exceptionally windy pooch. Here's how to treat stinky dog flatulence problems.

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans

PetGuide.com can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Gumu

Meet Gumu, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Adoptapet.com. Gumu is an adult male English Bulldog and Boxer Mix from Portland, OR. He is already neutered, h…

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Angus

Meet Angus Maximus Derby-Giddings, this week’s Upside Down Dog from Upsidedowndogs.com. He is a 2-year-old English Bulldog from Charlestown, MA. His ow…

American Kennel Club Announces America’s 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Way to go Labs! For the 21st year in a row, the Labrador Retriever hangs on to the #1 spot on the American Kennel Club’s most popular breeds list. T…