Adoptable Dog of the Week - Ava

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Ava, a 3.5 years old German Shepherd from Bedford, New Hampshire. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on her vaccines.

Gerberian Shepsky

The Gerberian Shepsky (a hybrid breed) is often employed as a service/police dog, thanks to his alert nature, high intelligence and working dog background


The Tamaskan may look like a wolf, but this breed is all dog. This pooch was selectively bred by dog breeders in order to create this type of appearance

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most renowned breeds of dog there is. These dogs are strong, loyal, and are highly response to training.

Top 10 Best Guard Dogs

A dog is more than just a pet - a dog can be a companion, a friend and even a security measure for your home and family. Our picks for best guard dogs.

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Indie

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Indie, a 5 to 6 years old German Shepherd from Nashville, Tennessee. She is spayed, crate trained, and housebroken.

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds

There are hundreds of breeds to choose from - how do you make your choice? If intelligence tops your list, here's a list of the top 10 smartest dog breeds.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Romulus

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Romulus, a 3 years old German Shepherd from Washoe Valley, Nevada. He is neutered and up to date on his shots.

Top 10 Dog Breeds for Autism

Children with autism can thrive with the help of a support dog. That's why we've put this list of the top 10 dog breeds for autism.

U.S. Postal Stamps To Feature Military Working Dogs

There are some new military dogs in town and they’re coming to a U.S. post office near you in the form of some stamps honoring their brave service to t…

‘CHiPs’ Star Erik Estrada Donates Drug Sniffing Dog To Police Depa

'CHiPs' star Erik Estrada, aka Officer Poncherello, donates a narcotics dog to an Idaho police agency, where he is a reserve police officer.

What a Streak – AKC Says Labrador Retriever is Still America’s Mos

Labrador Retrievers still reign as America’s most popular dog, but French Bulldogs are closing in as the American Kennel Club released their Top 10 mos…

German Shepherd’s Canine Quinceanera Makes Her The Belle Of The Ball

A special German Shepherd in Oklahoma, City, turned 16 and her Quinceanera was a festive event - she even got to wear a beautiful birthday outfit!

Drug-Sniffing Canine Helps Homeless Shelters Fight Opioid Crisis

A dog's nose knows - and it knows how to help. Sadie the super sniffer is sticking her nose out to help a local homeless shelter keep illicit drugs out.

Ailing Dog Honorary K9 Member Serves and Protects Her Girl

'Tis the season, and one family pup had a holiday wish granted as she was added to the South Pasadena Police Department's K-9 team as an honorary member.

Study: Dogs Sync Behaviors With Humans Without Being Told To

Are you and your dog are really 'in sync'? A group of researchers decided to look into it, and turns out dogs really do look to their humans for the lead.

Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Just call it Barkwatch--a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.'s East Yorkshire!

Military Working Dog Receives Hero’s Send Off As He’s Laid To Rest

An honorable canine service member has been laid to rest in Shreveport, Louisiana and was honored last week as the American hero he was.

A Tearful Reunion After a Tragic Car Accident Brings the Best Tail Wag

Separated after a dog and his human, victims of a drunk driving accident, were recently reunited and the tears and tail wags were epic.

Most Epic Dog Resume Ever Gets Dog Hired as Professional Best Friend

Today's job market forces us to put our best foot forward. Turns out that one pup had some human help putting her best paw forward with an adorable resume!

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Karma

You're always guaranteed good Karma with our Adoptable Dog of the Week. She's a two-year-old German Shepherd Dog mix from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Saarloos Wolfhound

The Saarloos Wolfhound is unique in that it exhibits more natural wolf-like behaviors, as it was developed from crossing a German Shepherd with a wolf.

German Shepherd Flunks Police Academy, Lands Cushy New Job

What happens when a pup isn't fit for police duty? This German Shepherd pup didn't have the right stuff to be a K9, but he's found himself a new gig!

Iraq War Biopic Recounts Marine’s Battle For Her Loyal Service Dog

If you're going to see "Megan Leavey," bring tissues. The story of a former Marine's fight with the military to adopt her K9 will bring you to tears.

Search and Rescue Dog’s First Find Brings Little Boy Back To His Fam

A volunteer German Shepherd search and rescue dog's first find brought a five-year-old lost little boy back to his family, safe and sound.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Wally Cleaver

Wally Cleaver, our Adoptable Dog of the Week, sure is the bee's knees! Wally is an adult female German Shepherd Mix from Jackson, Mississippi.

German Sheprador

The German Sheprador is a mix of Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd. This dog's even-tempered personality makes him a great fit with families.

Labrador Retriever Named Most Popular Breed for 26th Consecutive Year

The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced to pet owners across the nation, something many of us have known all along; Labrador Retrievers rule.

Top Dogs at 2017 Westminster Dog Show – Day 2

It's been another spectacular year, and I can't wait until next year's event. Until then, here's our round up from day of 2017's Westminster Dog Show

Top Dogs of the 2017 Westminster Dog Show – Day 1

Here are the winners of day 1 of the 2017 Westminster Dog Show, from Hound Group, Non-Sporting Group, Toy Group, and Herding Group.

Dog Escapes Shelter To Find Woman Who Gave Him Bacon Treats

A small act of kindness, and bacon treats, left a big imprint on the heart of a shelter dog in Yellowknife, Canada, and changed both of their lives forever!

Shiloh Shepherd

The Shiloh Shepherd is a cross between a purebred German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. These dogs are protective, loyal, and loving.

King Shepherd

The King Shepherd is a combination of the German Shepherd and the Shiloh Shepherd. They are loyal, loving, and protective.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Chelsea

Meet Chelsea, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Hailing from Hooksett, New Hampshire, this 2-year-old purebred German Shepherd has everything going for her.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Hulk

Meet Hulk, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. This 2-year-old German Shepherd is waiting patiently in Montgomery, Alabama, for his forever home.

Retired Marine Dog Awarded Highest Military Honor

It's the first time in history that a U.S. Marine Corps dog was given this prestigious award, which is the animal equivalent to the Victoria Cross.