Spondylosis in Senior Dogs

As our dogs age and enter their golden years, there are many health-related conditions that they may experience.

Physical Changes to Expect in Older Dogs

Sharing your heart and home with a dog is a rewarding experience. They bring us so much joy and unconditional love, and they don’t ask for much in return. They only have one major flaw – they don’t live long enough!

Best Wellness Products For Senior Dogs

We want to do all we can to keep our senior dogs as happy and healthy as they can be, and that means we need to use some specialized products made just for t…

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Squeaky

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is the adorable Squeaky, an 8 years old Treeing Walker Coonhound and Beagle mix from Lake Odessa, Michigan.

Product Review: Solvit Dog Ramp

Senior dogs can find it hard to get in and out of cars. A perfect solution is Solvit's Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, which makes road trips easy again.

Battersea’s Unluckiest Dog May Bring You The Best Love Ever

Turns out unlucky is the new lucky for a 9-year-old dog at Battersea’s Cats & Dogs Home in England, as Daisy has just been named Battersea’s Unlu…

Adoptable Dog of the Week- Shadow

Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is Shadow, an 8 years old Husky from Hailey, Idaho. This handsome fella is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

6 Golden Tips on Hiking With Your Senior Dog

As dogs age, they tend to slow down - but it doesn't mean they stop wanting to hang out with you. Here are some tips about hiking with your senior pooch.

How to Walk a Senior Dog

He may be slowing down, but your senior dog still needs his daily walk. Here's what you should know about walking your elderly dog.

How to Relieve Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a common ailment in older dogs, especially in larger breeds. Although you can't cure it, there are ways to relieve your dog's arthritis pain.

Golden Oldies: Paddling With A Senior Pooch

Don't leave your dog out of your outdoor adventures. Even elderly dogs can enjoy an active lifestyle out on the water, as long as you're prepared.

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Canine Osteoarthritis

Degenerative joint disease is a common problem affecting many senior dogs. Here are six of the most FAQs about canine osteoarthritis.

Stroller Training: Tips for Teaching Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Pet strollers have rolled their way into the lives of dogs and cats. Used to a variety of purposes, make sure your pet stays safe while being pushed around.

Woo Hoo! Senior Dog Adoptions Are On The Rise!

There is a senior-dog rescue movement spreading, as people all over North America are realizing the fabulous qualities senior dogs have to offer.

Why Senior Dog Wellness Checkups Are Important

As a dog ages, the importance of regular veterinarian visits become vital to his longevity. Don't forget to take your senior dog in for wellness checkups.

Senior’s Center Adopts Deceased Resident’s Pooch

When her elderly pet parent died, Izzy wasn't sure where'd she go. But the Senior's Center where the pair lived wanted to keep her on.

Old Dog Haven Gives Senior Pets Homes and Dignity

A non-profit organization out of Arlington, Washington ensures the last days for senior pets are comfortable and happy in their furever homes.

Shelter Spotlight: Pet Peace of Mind

A non-profit that helps palliative patients who have pets, Pet Peace of Mind fills a much-needed gap that's been created by an aging generation.

Understanding the Basics About Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs

A degenerative spinal disease, Degenerative Myelopathy can cause lameness in dogs. Here's what to look for and how to treat this illness.

Product Review: Gen7Pets Monaco Stroller

Hey doggy... need a ride? Lola is a dog who's always on the move - that's why she was so excited to try out the Gen7Pets Monaco Stroller for herself.

The Best Coffee Table Books About Dogs

A picture says a thousand words. And these photographers have lots to say about dogs - beautiful pictures that will give you a new perspective on pooches.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks at Brazil’s Tennis Exhibition [Video]

To prove that older dogs can still learn new tricks, four rescue dogs were trained to retrieve tennis balls during an exhibition match at the Brazil Open.

Mobility Aids Help Senior Dogs Keep Moving

When our dogs start to age, they may need help with activities that never use to be a problem. It's a good thing these mobility aids help them keep up!

Abandoned Senior Pets Can Spend Their Golden Years At House With A Hea

Older pets are the hardest to place once they arrive at an animal shelter? But they're welcome at House With A Heart - a retirement home for dogs and cats.

A Step Up: Awesome House Has Little Staircase Just For Dogs

Do we own our dogs, or do our dogs own us? We can't be sure, but we can say that this house has gone to the dogs, with a custom staircase just for pups.

No More Slip ‘N’ Slide: ToeGrips Help Dogs Get A Grip

Is hard-surface flooring your dog's greatest nemesis? Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips helps your dog get a grip on mobility issues with a cool traction solution.

Japanese Legislation Gives New Meaning To “Till Death Do Us Part”

It’s sad, but happens frequently – people dump older dogs at shelters because they’re not puppies anymore. Let’s follow Japan’s…

Medicinal Marijuana May Soon Be Available For Pets In Nevada

It’s high time we came up with a solution! It works for humans, and now senior and terminally ill dogs could soon benefit from cannabis. It’s a g…

Kickstarter Book Exposes Truth – Puppies Are Dicks!

Get ready to have an "accident!" Hilarious book warns dog lovers to stay away from puppies, and adopt a senior dog instead.

Ramps And Pet Steps Give Stiff Senior Dogs A Leg Up

The perfect companion for your senior dog, ramps and steps offer mobility and accessibility for the aging pooch Getting old has advantages (“knowledge…

Living Well With Your Blind Dog

Loss of vision doesn't mean your pooch can't enjoy his life - we've outlined a few tips on how to help your blind dog cope with vision loss.

Talking About Palliative Care For Older Dogs

Let's go over the basics about what palliative care is, in which situations it might be needed and how to create a palliative care plan for older dogs.

Nine Toasty Tips To Keep Your Senior Dog Warm Outdoors This Winter

The star and the inspiration for this post is Kevin Roberts’ dog, Willow, who has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He brought her home when she w…

These Beautiful Photos Of Old Dogs Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Photographer Pete Thorne’s photo series “Old Faithful” is going to tug at your heartstrings. Guaranteed. If you’ve ever had one, yo…

5 Tip-Top Health Tips For Senior Dogs

Older dogs come with their own set of unique issues that require preventive measures to ensure your dog continues to enjoy a happy life. He’s not the y…

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting an Older Dog

It's a sad fact that older dogs in shelters and rescues have a harder time finding a forever home. But we have lots of reasons for adopting an older dog.