Being An ‘Older’ Pet Parent May Come With Health Benefits

We know that being a pet parent offers many physical and mental health benefits. New research suggests that if you’re an ‘older’ pet parent, that benefit may b…

Are Cats Therapeutic for Seniors?

There are lots of things that are comforting about cats, which is why they offer so many therapeutic benefits for seniors.

Shelter Spotlight: Pet Peace of Mind

A non-profit that helps palliative patients who have pets, Pet Peace of Mind fills a much-needed gap that's been created by an aging generation.

Dog Fetches Rescue Crew to Help Senior Stranded in the Woods

Some dogs are better at fetch than others. Take Gus, for example. This heroic dog knew exactly what to do to save his beloved owner.

Study: Seniors Who Walk Their Dogs Enjoy Better Physical Health

A recent study determined that seniors who own dogs are more likely to spend more time walking them outside and in turn, increase their physical health!

New Study Will Focus On Benefits Of Pets For Older Americans

HABRI's awards a $43,000 grant to the University of Missouri to study the positive effects that pets have on our growing population of senior citizens.

Rules Of Retirement Homes Change To Accommodate Pet Parents

Pets offer a host of benefits that enrich our lives. The same goes for seniors - that's why retirement homes are opening their doors to our beloved pets.

Retirement Communities That Embrace Pets Becomes A Growing Trend

Seniors rock! From Yappy Hour to adoption events, retirement residences are attracting pet lovers with dog-centric activities and services.

Meals On Wheels Offers “AniMeals” Service For Seniors And Disabled

Thanks to AniMeals, those most in need won’t have to make the heart-breaking decision of giving up their beloved pet because of cost. Now Meals on Whee…

Tibetan Spaniel

He may be small, but don't be fooled - the alert Tibetan Spaniel will stand on guard and let you know if a stranger is getting too close to your home.