A New Study Investigates How Service Dogs Can Help Veterans With PTSD

A new study led by researchers from the University of Arizona will examine the impact service dogs have on veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Gluten Detection Dogs Offer Service to People With Celiac Disease

These skilled canines are creating a new world of possibility for those living with celiac disease.

Best Service Dog Vests and Harnesses for Working Dogs

Service dog vests and harnesses send a clear message to the world: your dog working hard, do not disturb. Find out which of them are best value for money.


Playful and energetic, the Borador makes an excellent family dog. Described as naturally happy, they are incredibly sweet and are great with children.

Top 10 Best Psychiatric Service Dog Breeds

Have you heard of psychiatric service dog breeds? These canines are specially trained to maintain their handler's emotional state.

New Year Ushers in New Fake Service Dog Law For Hawaii

The new year always brings in new laws for various states in America, and in a few, there are now stiffer penalties for those who misrepresent their pet as a…

US Schools Want Attack Dogs to Prevent Mass Shootings

Instead of advocating for better gun control laws, some school officials are buying attack dogs in an effort to prevent mass school shootings.

Superpower Dogs Are Rallying LA Pooches for an Epic Final Scene

This Sunday, a group of LA filmmakers is going to try to set the Guinness World Records title for the "Largest Dog Photo Shoot."

Animal Planet’s The Dog Bowl To Debut Before The Super Bowl

Airing the day before the Super Bowl, Animal Planet's Dog Bowl game will shine a light on the plight of older dogs looking for their forever homes.

Study: Are Therapy Dogs Under Too Much Stress?

There is no doubt that therapy dogs do a great service to people in need, but does it take a toll on them? Here's what researchers say about the subject.

States Cracking Down on the Use of ‘Fake’ Service Dogs

Nineteen states have laws that penalize people who use untrained animals as service pets, with more states looking at similar legislation.

Nicole Miller Designs Pet Products to Benefit Puppies Behind Bars Prog

Nicole Miller has designed a new puppy line. All proceeds go to Puppies Behind Bars, an organization that trains inmates to help prepare service dogs.

Why Can’t I Pet Service Dogs?

If you're a dog lover, it's hard to pass by a dog without stopping and petting his head. But Service Dogs have a job to do - and there's no petting allowed.

Military Bomb-Sniffing Dog Joins Handler for Well-Deserved Retirement

Explosives sniffer dog Rick is set to retire after 6 years in service, and he's found his forever home with his ex-handler Amanda Cubbage.

We Have the Finalists of the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards!

These brave dogs have been voted as this year's doggy heroes for these prestigious awards. Now's your chance to pick the overall 2017 winner!

New Tool Helps Service Dog Organizations Predict Puppy Training Succes

How do you know a puppy will be a good service dog? New research shows there is a way to predict which puppies may have more successful training outcomes.

Shelter Spotlight: National Service Dogs

With a lofty vision of becoming Canada's premiere service dog provider, National Service Dogs believes in the life-changing power of Certified Service Dogs.

Study: Service Dog Credibility Questioned By Retail Workers

A recent study shows that many U.S. Retail Employees don't have a clear understanding of the importance of service dogs for those with PTSD.

Wagging Support For Wounded Warriors Service Dog Act

A couple of special heroes visited Congress to show support for an important bill that would give financial assistance to wounded warriors.

Canine Heroes Help US Veterans With Brain Injuries

September is National Service Dog Month. While all service dogs are heroes, a select few serve our country's heroes with honor. (Tissue alert!)

HABRI Study Finds Dogs De-Stress Families With Autistic Children

Even more proof that dogs do so much for people. Therapy animals are beneficial to the entire family, long-term study suggests.

Legal Limbo of Emotional Support Animals Threatened by Frauds

An emotional support animal can be certified instantaneously online, but what does that mean for the public? Here's why easier hurts those in need.

13 Puppies Who Can’t Wait To Start Their First Day of Work

These puppies are on a mission - to serve their community and be the best service dogs ever! Take a gander at these pooches starting their new jobs.

Wounded Warriors Canada Donates $175K to PTSD Service Dog Program

Dogs can have a huge impact on the lives of those with PTSD. And 40 veterans are set to receive their own service dog thanks to a generous donation.

Study: Dogs Use Scent To Detect Low Blood Sugar In Diabetics [Video]

Dogs truly are mankind's best friend. New research shows how dogs can detect oncoming hypoglycaemic episodes in humans by sniffing them out.

Adorably Distracted Dog Sworn in as K9 Assistance Pooch [Video]

He may be a new member of the K9 team, but he's still a dog. To be fair, we'd probably be just as distracted if someone was waving yummy treats in our face.

Lowes Hires Man and His Service Dog

Finally, something that actually makes us want to go to the hardware store! Lowes' new greeter is a service dog and his human.

Bayer Provides Free Health Care to K9 For Warriors Service Dogs

K9 For Warriors is a nonprofit organization that trains veterans and service dogs. These warriors can take advantage of free health care and pet products.

Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend Against Terrorist Attacks

When it comes to fighting terrorism, no robot or technology-based tracking system does a better job than a living, breathing canine.

How to Find a Reputable Service Dog Training Program

We've seen a growing crop of scammy organizations offering "Service Dog Certification." If you have legitimate need for a service dog, do it the right way.

Shelter Spotlight: Educated Canines Assisting With Disabilities

This charity hand-raises its pups and trains them to become service dogs to make the lives of the disabled, veterans, and autistic children easier.

Fidelco Receives $100,000 To Train Service Dogs For Veterans

Thanks to a $100K grant from the US Department of Defense, the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation place two service dogs free of charge to visually impaired vets.

American Airlines Stops Hero Service Dog From Boarding Plane Home

Shame on you, American Airlines - the company is full of hot air when it comes to its pet-friendly travel policies, after denying entry to a Hero Dog.

Why Isn’t Service Dog Fraud Against The Law?

Fake service dog certifications cause problems for real working dogs. There's a law in the works to close in on this scammy trend - and you can help.

Planet Dog Donates $60,000 To Service, Therapy, Police Dog Programs

What great news! Planet Dog Foundation's stellar record of giving back continues with its latest grant of $60,000 to 12 worth dog assistance organizations.

B.C. Lawmakers Crack Down On Guide Dog Impersonators

Service animal impersonation is on the rise, and officials in the Canadian province are looking to put an end to it with tougher regulations. They’re o…