More Than 100 Ukraine Shelter Dogs Turned Away at the Poland Border

Many of us have seen the moving pictures of Ukrainians fleeing the country, carrying their beloved pets with them. But, for the shelter animals in the country, the situation is bleak.

Shelter Workers Refuse to Leave Over 1000 Animals in Ukraine

he world of animal rescue can be demanding on the best of days, but the workers are SOS Animal Shelter in Kiev are faced with an impossible decision.

Bringing A Dog Home From the Shelter – What To Expect The First Day

There are a few things you can do when bringing a dog home from the shelter that will make the first few days in your dogs new home happy and calming.

How To Bond With Your Rescue Dog

Bonding with your rescue dog is a special time for both of you – make the most of it!While it’s important to bond with your dog, no matter how he came into y…

These Vet Students Have a Dream Job- Fostering Shelter Dogs

Each year, 15 lucky pooches get their assigned student guardian who makes sure all their needs are met, from daily walks and wholesome meals to cuddle time.

Rescue Dogs Get Their First Show on Hallmark

Hallmark Channel's inaugural "2018 American Rescue Dog Show" will feature shelter dogs of all shapes and size competing for titles in adorable categories.

Study: Your Dog’s Experiences Let Him Know If You Are a Good Human

New research shows that dogs really do have technique to how they view whether a human is 'good' or 'bad,' and it's related to their exposure to humans.

SoulPaws Connects Therapy Pets With Those Who Have Eating Disorders

Service animals are instrumental to the well-being of those for whom they serve. Now assistance animals are used to help patients battling eating disorders.

Is Animal Adoption the New Online Dating?

Looking for love in all the wrong places? You won't find it on Tinder - it's more likely the love of your life has a profile on an adoption website.

Animal Planet’s “Rescue Dog to Super Dog” Show Will Leave You In

If you're a sucker for rescue dogs (or any dog, for that matter), you're going to want to tune into Animal Planet's new show, Rescue Dog to Super Dog.

Great News: Nevada’s New Bill 185 Bans Lease-to-Own Dogs

You may have heard about this dog scam - you can "Lease-to-own" a pooch. States are cracking down on it - Nevada has now banned the disturbing trend.

IHeartDogs Serves Up 8 Million Meals To Shelter Animals

Thanks to you, iHeartDogs was able to donate 8 million meals to shelter pets. Here's how this online shop helps dogs every time someone buys a product.

NFL Stars Show Their Soft Sides to Find Forever Homes for Pets

The fifth annual Pawject Runway event in Baltimore had NFL players showing off their soft sides by adopting an adorable pet!

Help Ollie Dog Food Donate Food To Pups in Need This Valentine’s Day

For many of us, our date for Valentine's Day is with our pets! Ollie Dog Food celebrates Valentine's Day by donating food to shelter dogs in need.

New Research Sheds Light on Factors That Make Dogs Adoptable

Animal experts are looking for ways to increase adoption rates. New research offers insight to assist shelter staff ensure dogs put their best paw forward.

Real-Life Shelter Show Rooms Help Dogs Get Adopted

Life for shelter dogs can be stressful. One Humane Society in Ohio is working to change those stress levels, and help dogs find fur-ever homes for real.

Shelter Dogs Enjoy a “Puppa Joe” at Starbucks

What a great way to showcase adoptable animals. These sweet shelter dogs are sure to make you smile as they enjoy their "Puppuccinos!"

Shelter Dogs & Pokemon Go: Gotta Walk ‘Em All!

A shelter in Indiana is utilizing the new Pokémon Go game to encourage volunteering! Play the game, walk a shelter dog - it's a win-win.

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks at Brazil’s Tennis Exhibition [Video]

To prove that older dogs can still learn new tricks, four rescue dogs were trained to retrieve tennis balls during an exhibition match at the Brazil Open.

Study: 50% of Rescue Dogs Mislabeled as Pitbulls by Shelter Staff

The label of "Pitbull" can turn some families off. A recent study finds a large percentage of veterinarians and shelter staff are mislabeling rescued dogs.

Earn Wellcoin Points, Buy Shelter Dogs A Healthy Meal

Now your healthy lifestyle can help hungry animals. With the Wellcoin app, log in your healthy choices and earn points that buy meals for shelter pets.

One-Of-A-Kind Stuffed Shelter Pups Help Real-Life Rescue Dogs In Need

Made from wool in the US, these Shelter Pups do more than just look cute. Every purchase, earns donation points that go to an animal shelter of your choice.

Dinner’s On Us, Eh! 25,000 Meals (And More) On Its Way To Rural Cana

Some communities in Northern Canada can be hard to get to, and pet owners (and pups) must make due with limited resources. But thanks PetSmart Canada, Halo a…

Actor Emmy Rossum The Latest “Save Them All” Poster Pet Mom

She’s a busy actor, but Emmy Rossum still has time to help out with a great cause that champions shelter animals. Not since a spunky little Chihuahua p…

An Idea We Like A Latte: Indiegogo Campaign For NYC Dog Café

I can have coffee and puppy kisses in one place? Please, take all my money! When I think of dogs in the Big Apple, I envision dog walkers being dragged throu…

Cannonball! Check Out These Adorable Pictures Of Puppies Underwater

Yes, this is actually someone’s day job (and it’s okay to be jealous). Professional photographer Seth Casteel has made a career out of taking gre…

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Review

We test the all-in-one DNA kit to see if it can determine what kind of breed your dog is When you’re out with your dog, people come up to talk to you.…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Ryder

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Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Sugar

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