Therapy Dog Comforts Grieving At White Plains Funeral Home [Video]

What a wonderful idea - Ballard-Durand Funeral Home adds a furry comfort companion to their staff whose job it is to comfort the grieving.

Planet Dog Donates $60,000 To Service, Therapy, Police Dog Programs

What great news! Planet Dog Foundation's stellar record of giving back continues with its latest grant of $60,000 to 12 worth dog assistance organizations.

Lending A Helping Paw: What’s Involved In Therapy Dog Training

Does your pooch have the right stuff to make a difference and help people who need a furry friend the most? Then you should consider therapy dog training.

Therapy Dogs May Be The Key To Less Stress And Loneliness At Colleges

Feeling stressed or depressed? Spending time with a furry friend may be just the thing you need. We all know it to be intuitively true: when we spend time wi…

Scottish Deerhound

Heralded as the "Royal Dog of Scotland", the Scottish Deerhound is elegant, graceful and regal. He is a true gentleman and is a calm and polite dog.

Pyrenean Shepherd

An old breed that was meant to herd sheep, the Pyrenean Shepherd is active and energetic. Reliable and watchful, the Pyrenean Shepherd loves kids.


The Leonberger is a giant breed of dog that is a bundle of energy and craves being close to his family. A relatively easy dog to train.