Top 10 Best Breeds to Take RV’ing

While any breed can be packed up and taken “on the road”, not all enjoy the process nor are they physically suited for this style of travel.

Best Gift Guide For Dog Lovers

<p>I love putting this gift guide together &ndash; it&rsquo;s all the stuff that I want to open up on December 25. But on the flip side, I really want everything listed here, so if it&rsquo;s not under the tree, then I have to buy them myself. Gah &ndash; such a double-edged sword! I&rsquo;m hoping that you can steal a few of these ideas for yourself or a dog lover on your list. Without further ado, I present my Gift Guide For Dog Lovers.</p>

Top 10 July 4th Stars And Stripes Fur-Ever!

If you&rsquo;ve got yourself a patriotic pooch, he&rsquo;ll want to show off his stars and stripes on July 4th. There are many ways for your dog to celebr…

Best Outdoor Dog Beds

<p>Ahhhh&hellip; the balmy breeze flowing through your fur. The toasty sun gently warming your face. There&rsquo;s nothing like lounging outdoors when the dog-days of summer are upon us. And what better way to do it then on these plush outdoor dog beds. While you&rsquo;re chilling on your padded lounger (by the pool, if you&rsquo;re lucky), your panting pooch will be lapping up the good life on his very own oasis. Here are our top picks for outdoor dog beds.</p>

Best Pet Treats for Squeaky Clean Teeth

Improve your pet's oral health with dental yummies- they'll have clean teeth and minty breath, and, as a bonus, get to munch on delicious treats!

Top 10 Flea and Tick Prevention Tips

It's flea and tick season, so we've put together our Top 10 tips on how to get rid of those pesky critters. YWe've got a few surprises in store for you!

Top 10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Dogs

Are you looking to humiliate your dog by including them in this weirdly tacky tradition? Here's our Top 10 adorably ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs.

Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds

An even temperament and a surplus of love and affection, many breeds make great therapy dogs. Here are our picks for Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds.

Top 10 Awwww-Inducing Cute Dog Names

Your puppy is so adorable, you want to give your pet an equally sweet name. Here's our list of super cute dog names that will have you squeeing with glee.

Top 10 Best Watch Dogs

Watch out - these 10 dog breeds have their alert eyes on what's going on around them. And that's why they made it onto this Best Watch Dogs list!

Top 10 Cool Facts About Cats You Didn’t Know

Think you know all there is to know about felines? We bet a few of these top 10 cool facts about cats are news to you! Purrfect for kitty trivia nights!

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From SuperZoo 2015 [Video]

What did I steal in Las Vegas during SuperZoo 2015? What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas - the proof is in the video!

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From Global Pet Expo 2015 [Video]

So many awesome pet products, so many things to steal &ndash; What 10 things did I run away with from this year&rsquo;s Global Pet Expo? If you had any doubt…

Top 10 Super Fly Pet Products From Skymall

Have you heard the news that Skymall, the in-flight catalog that offered a vast array of wacky, never-been-seen items for purchase, is seeking bankruptcy…

Top 10 Workouts For Your Dog’s Brain

While a daily walk is essential to give your dog his fill of physical exercise, mental exercise is just as important. This is especially true for highly inte…

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs 2014

I&rsquo;m the first to admit that I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to buying Oscar gifts for the holiday season. I can&rsquo;t help myself &n…

Top 10 Things To Do When You Lose A Dog

You want to be prepared if your dog gets loose and you can't find him. We've prepared an emergency list of things you should do when you lose a dog.