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Sharing your life with a little feathered friend is a real joy, but there’s so much more to owning birds than enjoying their company - although, to be fair, having a bird companion really is a delight most of the time. But like all pets, birds also need special care to thrive, from special housing to a balanced diet, and to make sure you’re providing the best life for your pet bird, you’ll have to do your research well. Luckily, we’re here to help! In PetGuide’s section about birds, you’ll find everything you were always curious about and all the information you need to give your pet a good and long life – as well as fun facts about your new pet.

Can’t get enough of cute parrot stories or entertaining pet bird videos? We’ve got you covered with our news section, where we cover the latest and most interesting stories about birds and their owners. You can get your daily birb cuteness fix in no time! Are you a first-time owner or looking to become one? Our resources on the many bird breeds will help you choose the perfect pet for your lifestyle and preferences and our guides on caring for different types of parrots will help you ensure you’re not missing any important info about proper bird care.

You might not have known this, but not all parrots eat the same food and have the same needs when it comes to their lifestyle. Not to mention the impressive variety of their looks and personalities, ranging from petite parrotlets that fit inside your palm to Hyacinth Macaws that are over 3 feet tall and can live more than half a century! Our extensive guides cover everything you need to know about a specific breed, from the type of food they’ll need to what their personalities and preferences are, so you’ll be better equipped to provide your pet everything they need to stay happy and healthy. And the best part? It’s all in one place, with concise and relevant details so you can access all the important information with a single click – and learn everything there is to know about your new pet.

And, once you’re a proud owner of a cute little bird, we can help you find the right food, housing, toys, and all kinds of accessories that will improve your parrot’s quality of life and make yours easier. From the best enrichment toys for parrots to the comfiest parrot enclosures and even the best types of bird foods on the market, we do the browsing for you and handpick only the best options for you to choose from. Sit back, get to scrolling and find something that will make your parrot pet happy!

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