Turtle Breeds

Are you ready to get a turtle? Owning one of these shelled reptiles isn’t for everyone – their lifespan ranges from 20 to 60 years in captivity, so they’re a big commitment. However, as turtle hobbyists will tell you, having a pet turtle is definitely worth the time and effort because they’re fun to care for and fascinating to watch. So, don’t be slow as a tortoise and pick a fascinating reptile for a companion! With Petguide.com’s Turtle Breeds research tool, you’ll easily find a perfect pet to enjoy spending decades with.

Did you know that turtles have been roaming the Earth for over 200 million years? Sometime in their impressive history, tortoises became cherished pets, and today there are countless pet turtle breeds to choose from. Do you want an aquatic turtle, terrestrial one, or a breed that’s a little bit of both? Is an adorable miniature turtle a better choice or an impressive, large breed? Find out this and much more with Petguide.com’s Turtle Breeds research tool.

Pick out the main characteristic of the breeds by your preference, and you’ll get a list of potential tortoise breed matches. Discover what kind of space the particular turtle type needs, what they eat (you can’t always worm your way out of feeding them worms) and what’s their personality like. Once the match is made, al you need to do is find a reputable, legal source to buy or adopt your new pet.

If this is the first time you’ve had a turtle or tortoise, or you’re adding another to your family, our turtle breed tool will help you choose the right one for your lifestyle. Featuring tips on how to house, care and feed your new addition, you’ll find all the information you need on keeping your turtle happy and healthy.

Spotted Turtle

The Spotted Turtle is considered one of the smallest turtles in the United States. They can sometimes have up to 125 spots over their face and shell.

Snapping Turtle

You can keep a Snapping Turtle as a pet, but you should be prepared to put in a lot of effort and time in order to properly care for your turtle.

Smooth Softshell Turtle

Pet owners who would like to make a unique looking turtle a part of their family should consider the Smooth Softshell Turtle.

Hermann’s Tortoise

The Hermann's Tortoise is a popular breed that makes a great pet. The Hermann's Tortoise is one of the most attractive of the tortoise breeds.

Spiny Softshell Turtle

There are several subspecies of the Spiny Softshell Turtle, but one thing that makes all of them interesting is their unique shell.

Midland Painted Turtle

The Midland Painted Turtle is a good option for beginner turtle keepers, as is is tame, hardy, and enjoyable to watch. They come in a range of colors.

Russian Tortoise

The Russian Tortoise is one of the most popular pet tortoise breeds. These tortoises are entertaining, friendly, active, and outgoing.

Cagle’s Map Turtle

The Cagle's Map Turtle, which is only found in Texas and is the only Map Turtle that's mostly green in color, is endangered and rare.

Central American Wood Turtle

The Central American Wood Turtle (also known as the Ornate Wood Turtle) is a popular pet. These turtles are intelligent and personable.

Western Painted Turtle

The Western Painted Turtle is appropriate for beginner turtle keepers. these attractive, colorful turtles are a joy to watch as they swim and bask.

Red Footed Tortoise

The Red Footed Tortoise is one of the most popular tortoise breeds. This tortoise has a curious personality, and is a good choice for beginners.

Mississippi Map Turtle

Although the Mississippi Map Turtle is beautiful to look at, it can be difficult to keep as a pet. It is often referred to as the "sawback turtle."

Black Wood Turtle

The Black Wood Turtle is one of many species of Wood Turtle, but it is the biggest of all of the Wood Turtle breeds and have a shell that is black in color.

North American Wood Turtle

The North American Wood Turtle is a popular turtle breed, thanks to its friendliness, its endearing personality, and that it is tame and easy to handle.

Caspian Pond Turtle

The Caspian Pond Turtle is active and versatile. These turtles enjoy basking, but they will quickly dive into the water if they are frightened.

Red-Eared Slider Turtle

The Red-Eared Slider Turtle is one of the most popular and commonly kept pet turtles. Even thought they are personable, these turtles are easily startled.

Argentine Snake-Necked Turtle

The Argentine Snake-Necked Turtle, one of the two South American Snake-Necked Turtle breeds, is a unique breed of aquatic turtle named for its long neck.

Three-Toed Box Turtle

The Three-Toed Box Turtle is a subspecies of the Common Box Turtle, and it is named "three-toed" because its back feet feature three toes.

Florida Red-Belly Turtle

The Florida Red-Belly Turtle is a type of Cooter, and is a popular breed for turtle enthusiasts. These turtles can be kept in indoor or outdoor enclosures.

European Pond Turtle

The European Pond Turtle is unique and attractive, and is highly sought after as a pet. There are actually 14 regional subspecies of European Pond Turtles.

Florida Softshell Turtle

The Florida Softshell Turtle is best suited to experienced turtle owners. It is the biggest of all of the North American Softshell Turtles.

Eastern Painted Turtle

The Eastern Painted Turtle is an attractive pet turtle breed that is ideal for beginners. They have a pleasant disposition, and are energetic and active.

Loggerhead Musk Turtle

The Loggerhead Musk Turtle is one of several Musk Turtle species. These small turtles make great pets, including for beginners.

Southern Painted Turtle

The Southern Painted Turtle is commonly kept as a pet.These semi-aquatic turtles are low maintenance and a good beginner option.

False Map Turtle

The False Map Turtle is one of several breeds of Map Turtles. They can also be a good choice if you are new to keeping turtles as pets.

Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle

The Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle is one of the most beautiful turtles that are kept as pets. Great choice for community tanks.

Yellow-Bellied Slider

The Yellow-Bellied Slider is an attractive turtle that makes a great pet. They do well in community tanks, as long as they're housed with similar turtles.

Alabama Map Turtle

The Alabama Map Turtle is a beautiful breed that is protected in Alabama and rare in Georgia, a great choice for a beginner turtle keeper.

Northern Map Turtle

The Northern Map Turtle is also referred to as the Sawback Turtle. They are one of the most difficult turtle species to keep in captivity.

Chicken Turtle

There are three species of Chicken Turtle, and they are the Eastern Chicken Turtle, the Florida Chicken Turtle, and the Western Chicken Turtle.

Yellow-Footed Tortoise

The Yellow-Footed Tortoise is one of the most popular and beloved tortoise breeds in the pet trade. It is shy, so these animals will not like being handled.

Flattened Musk Turtle

The Flattened Musk Turtle is one of five species of Musk Turtles. They are shy and should only be kept by those who will be fine with simply observing them.

Stripe-Necked Musk Turtle

The Stripe-Necked Musk Turtle will be anywhere from olive brown to brown in carapace color. They should only be handled when it is necessary to do so.

Florida Box Turtle

The Florida Box Turtle is an attractive breed, but these animals are high-maintenance, so they aren't the best for those who are beginners at turtle care.

Bog Turtle

The adorable little Bog Turtle is actually one of the smallest of all the turtle breeds on the planet. It's also known as the Muhlenberg's Turtle.

African Sideneck Turtle

The African Sideneck Turtle's face can be described as friendly and adorable in appearance. It is a part of a group of turtles.

Mud Turtle

The Mud Turtle is a popular breed of turtle that is kept as a pet. These low maintenance turtles are a good choice for those who are beginners.

Razorback Musk Turtle

The Razorback Musk Turtle is the biggest type of Musk Turtle. The Razorback Musk Turtle is shy, and might even be the shyest of all of the Musk Turtles.

Common Musk Turtle

The Common Musk Turtle is known as the Stinkpot Turtle because they can emit an offensive, foul odor. They make great pets when handled properly.

Northern Red-Bellied Turtle

The Northern Red-Bellied Turtle is also referred to as the Northern Red-Bellied Cooter. These animals are generally shy and will hide when scared.

Cumberland Slider

The Cumberland Slider is known for being active and fun to watch. If you have more than one Cumberland Slider Turtle, you may see them all basking together.

Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle

Also known as the Alabama Red-Bellied Cooter, the Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle is popular in the pet trade, and it is also Alabama's official state reptile.

Eastern Box Turtle

The Eastern Box Turtle is beautiful to look at, but doesn't like being handled. The design and colors vary from one turtle to another.

Greek Tortoise

The Greek Tortoise is also referred to as the Spur-Thighed Tortoise. These tortoises can be interactive, friendly, and easygoing.

Reeve’s Turtle

The Reeves Turtle, which is also known as the Chinese Pond Turtle, is a popular breed in the pet world, and it has a great personality.