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Do you have a pet bunny or are you looking to get one? Congrats, you’re in the right place! Whether you’re curious about the quirks and traits of various rabbit breeds or you need resources to better care for your rabbit, we’ve got what you need. At PetGuide’s rabbit section, you’ll find everything that an (aspiring) rabbit owner needs to know to make sure that their pet bunny is living their best life.

While undoubtedly cute and adorable, rabbits are not easy pets – it’s a hurtful myth that has left many bunnies abandoned by uninformed owners that thought that a bunny won’t need any special care. Not unlike cats and dogs, pet rabbits also have feelings you need to account for and needs you have to meet if you want to ensure they stay happy and healthy under your care. There are plenty of specific things about rabbits you need to have in mind before you get one as a pet, and we can help provide all the important details. Our guides on various rabbit breeds give you all the essential information you need to properly care for your particular breed of rabbit, whether you have a tiny Lionhead Rabbit or share your home with a Flemish Giant.

In addition to learning more about things such as malocclusion and why TImothy hay makes up the majority of what rabbits eat, as well as learning how to potty train your rabbit or teach them tricks and commands, we’ll also ensure you get access to the best rabbit products. From things such as best toys for rabbits and how to know which are safe for your enthusiastic little chewers to best grooming accessories to minimize their shedding and risk of GI stasis, all the way to hutches and enclosures that will make your bunny feel like a king (or a queen) of their personal castle – we scour the web to find only the best rabbit products so you don’t have to spend hours on end to find something that works both for your needs and budget.

Of course, for all those rabbit enthusiasts out there, we also cover all the interesting stories from the world of bunnies – your daily dose of cuteness and laughter is waiting for you in our rabbit news section, so you’ll always be up to date on all things rabbit-related. Whether you just love bunnies and want to learn more about these cuddly creatures or you have a pet rabbit and want to have all the essential information about them in one place, it’s just a click or two away!

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