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PetGuide.com covers dog health subjects such as supplements, vitamins, food and exercise.When it comes to dog health, there’s nothing more important to a pet owner. Because we’re pet parents too, we know how bad or hopeless you can feel when your dog is sick. All you want to do is make sure your pooch gets better and live the healthiest and happiest life possible by your side. PetGuide.com covers subjects such as supplements, vitamins, food and exercise and how all of these things relate to the overall health of your pet.

Our Dog Health section is a fantastic research tool for new or experienced pet owners. Our informative articles cover common (and not-too-common) canine illnesses. Is it tick or flea season? How do you brush your dog’s teeth? We talk about what breeds are affected by certain conditions or diseases, what symptoms to watch for, and treatments you can do at home… or if you need to get to your veterinarian ASAP!

Not only do we talk about what could be making your dog sick, but also how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with your furry BFF. If you want to watch what you’re putting in your dog’s bowl, check out our Food section for helpful tips, feeding instructions, dog food news, and different types of dog diets. Or if you’d rather cook everything from scratch, head over to our Recipes section, where we offer step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to make dog food and treats yourself. Don’t worry if you’re not a chef – these dog treat and food recipes are easy to make, and have been tested by PetGuide.com’s official test tasters!

Take charge of your dog’s health. PetGuide.com’s comprehensive dog health features take a close look at dog health products, controversial treatments, and get answers from veterinarians and experts to ensure we cover all of your dog health questions and concerns.

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We know our pooches, don’t we? And after years of living side-by-side, we know when our little guy is feeling off. ...

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