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Horses are widely regarded as magnificent creatures, but it takes a lot of time and effort to care for one. They need much more space than a dog or a cat would, their food and care cost more, and not to mention that caring for a horse can be quite time-consuming. Nevertheless, if you are willing and able to put in the work, owning a horse can be incredibly rewarding. To help introduce you to the range of responsibilities you’ll have as a horse owner, we’ve prepared various articles about basic horse care, from boarding to feeding and grooming, as well as all the important tidbits in between. We’ve also extensively covered all the different horse breeds out there, to help you choose the right filly or stallion for you – you will learn everything there is to know about the looks, personalities, and care requirements of each individual horse breed through our breed guides.

On the other hand, if you already own a horse, you’ll find invaluable information about horse health and wellness that can help you ensure your equine companion is in top form and has the best possible care from their owner. Learn about dealing with common parasites such as lice, the basics of horse breeding, the variety of leg issues that often affect horses, and so much more about your best friend. No stone is left unturned in our pages!

As the costs of owning a horse can be quite substantial, we at made it our mission to find the best possible deals on horse products to help you cut costs without compromising on the quality. We’ve handpicked hundreds of products that will improve your horse’s quality of life and make it easier for you to properly care for them. Our in-depth buying guides cover a variety of horse products, such as the best horse grooming supplies, finest saddles and halters, as well as other important accessories. Of course, we didn’t forget about the owners, either, so you’ll find the best gifts for those special horse owners in your life or fun gadgets and horse-themed accessories you can treat yourself with!

And, to make sure you are always up to date with the latest and the greatest from the equine and equestrian world, we keep an eye out for interesting and important stories about the horses and keep you in the loop through our news section. You’ll never again miss a heartwarming horse rescue tale or important industry update about an innovative product. Everything you want and need to know about horses and how to care for them all in one place!