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Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Chuck

What’s up, Chuck? It looks like you’re our Upside Down Dog of the Week from! Chuck is a 4-year old male Pitbull and Rotweiller…

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

A compact, hardy, medium-sized dog, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is lively, confident, curious, playful, congenial, and gentle.

Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treat Recipe

What do you do with bananas that are about to turn to the dark side? My latest brown banana went into this Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treat Recipe.

Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy Review

It amazes me that Oscar is so picky when it comes to dry kibble. That's why I was intrigued when I received Clear Conscience Pet SuperGravy to try out.

Are You Lazy Enough To Send Your Dog To Fat Camp?

If your dog has too much weight and you have too much money, why not send him to fat camp? Pet obesity is on the rise and this is a troubling concern. As pet…


Active and energetic, the Yorkie-Poo is truly a clown in disguise. He will cheer up the saddest person and light up the room with his funny, little antics

Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier is a low-maintenance and hard working dog. They have extremely strong protective instincts and are devoted to their owners.

Mix And Mingle With Canadian Stars To Help Build A Humane Canada

If you live in Toronto and are looking for something to do tomorrow night, you should make plans to go to A Humane Canada, an exclusive event that supports t…

Bearded Collie

Cheerful and happy-go-lucky, the Bearded Collie is affectionate and playful. A wonderful playmate for children, this dog loves to be near its family.

Carrot Delight Dog Treat Recipe

When I make dog food for Oscar, I always throw in at least one carrot for good measure. Carrots are one of the wonderful veggies that humans and dogs can sha…

DIY Vintage Crate Dog And Cat Beds

Pets will sleep sweetly on this vintage crate bed you can make at home I’ve been on a DIY kinda kick lately. Usually, I bake a batch of dog treats and…

October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month At The American Humane Society

This month, help the American Humane Society give some precious pooches the forever homes they deserve Did you know there are 3 to 4 million animals waiting…

Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recipe

The dog days of summer are upon us and our dogs are looking for ways to cool down. We've got the perfect solution - this Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats Recipe!

Make Your Dog A Chia Pet With Lincoln Bark Treats

Lincoln Bark sent him Sweet Little Butterpup and Treat Smart treats. Made with Chia Seeds, a superfood that contains antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.


The Keeshond is a simply wonderful companion for many types of people. He is a fun-loving, sweet fellow that makes a great addition to many households.

The Importance Of Grooming Your Dog Regularly

It’s not all about looks – grooming your dog is so much more. Here’s why you should regularly groom your dog If you’re just grooming…

The World’s Most Interesting Man Joins The Fight To End Dog Cancer [

He doesn’t always take on causes, but when he does, it’s for the health of dogs. Jonathan Goldsmith, best known as Heineken’s Dos Equis &ld…

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dog is considered one of the best companion breeds for lots of reasons - its appearance, general demeanor and ability to perform tricks.

5 Vet-Approved Tips For Buying Safe Dog Treats

In the wake of recent dog deaths and illnesses, Dr. Liz Hanson offers tips on choosing safe treats Yesterday, we told you about how nearly 600 pets have died…

The Dog Scout’s Guide To Dog First Aid Kits

Always be prepared! Having Dog First Aid Kits stashed where you need them most will ensure you can treat your dog for injuries if he ever gets hurt.

Top 10 Cool Finds From SuperZoo 2013 – Part 1

Wow – it’s hard to believe that another SuperZoo has come and gone. We’re still recovering – there was so much to see and do, and…

Pros And Cons: Dog Boarding Kennels Vs. In-Home Boarding

Where is the best place to leave your dog when you’re travelling away from home? When it comes to boarding your dog, there are two main options: commer…

Fighting Like Cats And Dogs: Dealing With A Cat-Aggressive Dog

Why can they just get along? What to do when your dog doesn’t see eye-to-eye with cats If you have a multi-pet household, there may be times when your…

Pyrenean Shepherd

An old breed that was meant to herd sheep, the Pyrenean Shepherd is active and energetic. Reliable and watchful, the Pyrenean Shepherd loves kids.

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Mama

Meet Mama, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Mama is an adult female King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix from Baton Rouge, LA. She is already spayed, hous…

Crispy Chicken Dog Treat Recipe

For a snack that's paw-lickin' good, you've got to try this Crispy Chicken Dog Treat. No dog can resist the temptation of chicken... and why would he?

The Pros of Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

We’re Pro Adoption – so here are a few pros for why you should adopt a dog Although bringing home a dog from a shelter is becoming more and more…

6 Ways To Properly Clean Dog Ears

Some dogs need their ears cleaned regularly. Here are some important tips about how to properly clean dog ears, as well as some things you should never do.

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Layla

Meet Layla, the winner of our Upside Down Dog of the Week from Layla is a a 5 year-old female Boxer from Kansas City, MO. Here’s wh…

Making The Switch To A Raw Food Diet For Dogs?

We've been intrigued with all the talk about the raw food diet for dogs. We wanted to get a first-hand account of a pet parent who feeds their dog this diet

Black Dog Syndrome: Can People Be Color Blind When It Comes To Dogs?

Don't be hard on yourself if you've never heard of Black Dog Syndrome - not many people talk about it. It's not a dog problem... it's how people look at dogs

Share How Awesome Your Dog Is With The World With

Your dog needs his own website – set one up in minutes with Ever wish there was a social network where you could post unlimited photos of y…

What Are Designer Dogs?

So what are designer dogs and what makes them so desirable? Also known as hybrid dog breeds, these dogs are bred intentionally for certain desirable traits.

Jack Russell Terrier

He may be small, but what the Jack Russell Terrier lacks in size, he more than makes up for in energy. Great for agility sports.


Centuries old and beloved by the French since the Middle Ages, the Briard is busy, active dog that loves to protect his flock and he is loyal to a fault.

The Emily Post Guide To Proper Dog Park Etiquette

Even dogs need to learn manners! We serve up dog park etiquette that all refined pooches should bone up on. Emily Post is quoted as saying: “Whenever t…

Why Do We Think Puppies Are Cute? It’s In Our Genes

There’s a scientific reason puppies and kittens make you say “Awwww” Think back to when you brought Fido or Fluffy home for the very first…

Transport To Freedom: Elvis’ Journey From A U.S. High-Kill Shelter T

Kevin Roberts isn’t just an outdoors enthusiast – he’s also passionate about rescuing and fostering dogs. In this article, he tells us abou…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Nikita

Good things come in furry packages, just like Nikita, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Nikita is a female adult Alaskan Malamute from Boise,…


You may know it as the "Weiner Dog," but its actual breed name is Dachshund. There are 3 types of Dachshunds: long-haired, wired-haired and short-haired.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Teela

We've partnered with and we'll feature a new dog that can't wait to find its forever home. This week's dog is Teela, a senior Chihuahua Mix.

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is gentle, reserved, sensitive, and are often timid with strangers. A devoted and loyal companion, it is wonderful with children.

Upside Down Dog Of The Week – Rio

Meet Rio, our Upside Down Dog of the Week from Rio is a 14-month-old female English Springer Spaniel from Lewes, East Sussex, England, UK…

Celebrity Lineup Announced For 2014 American Humane Association Hero D

The stars will be coming out for the 2014 American Hero Dog on September 27 at a red carpet event in Beverly Hills The fourth annual American Humane Associat…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Spike

Let’s head up north to meet Spike, our Adoptable Dog of the Week. Spike is a 1-year-old Shepherd mix from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is neutered and…

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Muesli

Meet Muesli, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Muesli is residing in McKinney, TX and can’t wait to to find his forever home. This pure…

Beautiful Blueberry and Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe

Blueberries remind me of warmer weather – and I could sure go for some of that right now. But that’s not going to happen (unless I hop on a plane…

All About Spaying Dogs

So you might have heard about spaying, but be wondering what all the fuss is about. Spaying can be a controversial issue. Some people swear by it.

Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Bentley

Meet Bentley, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from He’s a young Yorkshire Terrier who lives in Madison Heights, MI. He is already neutered…

Hot Dog – We Have A Wiener!

What a contest! We are so overwhelmed with the response from our Dog Days of Summer contest – we received almost 200 entries, which made picking just o…


A lot of people have fun with their Poodle and enjoy the grooming that its coat requires as just another way to spend quality time with the dog they love.

Adoptable Dog of the Week – Gogi

We’d like to introduce you to Goji, our Adoptable Dog of the Week from Gogi is an adult male Beagle living in Tampa, FL. This medium-siz…

Watch Hero Dogs of 9/11 Tonight On Animal Planet

On September 11, 2001, 300 of the 10,000 emergency rescue workers were dogs. Their job was not only to help rescue efforts when the towers fell; they were al…

Pet Flipping – The New “In” Thing in Crime

Youve heard of House Flipping now get ready for Pet Flipping. People are actually stealing dogs from families and selling them on the Internet.

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Safety Tips For Running With a Dog at Night

There are a lot of good reasons why people like running with a dog at night. We've put together some tips for running with a dog at night.

The Importance Of Raw Bones For Dogs

Throw your dog a bone - a few reasons why we like raw bones for dogs and how you can incorporate them in your dog's diet.

Upside Down Dogs Of The Week – Rouge and Charlee

Double your fun with two upside down dogs. That’s right – we’ve got two Upside Down Dogs of the Week from Rouge and Cha…

“For The Love Of Dog” Dogumentary Showcases Pampered Pooch Phenome

TV series challenges our perceptions of how we relate to dogs When you talk about all the things you do for fur baby to other people (usually those who don&r…

5 Zen Ways To Manage Dog Stress

It may not seem like it, but a dog's life can be stressful. Your dog may not be able to take a "Mental Health Day," but there are ways to manage dog stress.