Best Rabbit Treats

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Best Rabbit Treats

While it’s important to make sure that your rabbit’s food meets their nutritive needs, it is equally important to offer them some healthy treats in addition to the hay, such as veggies, fruits, or specially made biscuits and other treats for bunnies. Not only that treats can add a bit of variety to your pet’s diet, they will also supplement it with essential nutrients and vitamins, promote positive behavior and even stimulate your bunny to do well in your training sessions (and, unless you want to battle bad smells for years, you will need to litter train them). However, while there are many benefits to giving your rabbit treats, there are some concerns, too. First, you will have to pick out the right ones, and second, you will have to pay special attention to serving sizes. You wouldn’t want to overfeed your bunny, as it can lead to serious health issues in the long run.

So, what types of treats can you give to your rabbit? Which brands are top rated and recommended for bunnies? Are there any human foods you can offer to your bunny? Answers to these questions and many more others can be found right here at Our vast resources on rabbits, their behavior and habits include information on their nutrition, as well. In our section about Rabbit Treats, you will find everything from detailed buying guides that will feature great bunny biscuits and pre-made dried herb mixes, to ideas and advice on how to make your own rabbit treats at home.’s experts will make sure your paw-thumping companion gets the yummy reward they surely deserve!

Best Rabbit Treats
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Ware Manufacturing Rice Pops

    • Crispy, crunchy chew that is irresistible to small pets.

    • Wholesome combination of crunchiness and flavor – Made of rice and corn.

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Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Treat

    • Supports dental health through natural chewing activity.

    • Ideal for bonding and playtime.

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Vitakraft Rabbit Slims

    • Made with harvest fresh grains and carrots.

    • Easy to digest and make an ideal snack.

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Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats

    • Combines the irresistible flavors of real apple and banana with wholesome, high fiber Timothy hay.

    • Add variety and enrichment to your pet’s diet.

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Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes

    • Lower protein and calcium supports urinary health.

    • High fiber hay aids in digestive health.

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Types of Rabbit Treats

The goal for any rabbit owner is to feed their pet diet that is as close to possible to that their bunny would eat in the wild. Rabbits, whose diet is predominantly made up out of hay both in wild and as pets, find other plant-based goodies to be a fantastic treat. Unlike cats and dogs, who can have numerous types of treats, from kibble-like noms to chewable bones, rabbit treats are mostly based around their natural diet, which means fresh veggies and fruits, as well as special dried grass mixes and pellets.

As rabbits rarely (if ever) get to feast on crunchy veggies and juicy fruits in the wild, getting some as a treat is truly rewarding for them. While it might not seem anywhere near as luxurious as the countless options some other pet parents have, bunny owners can make their pet happy and excited with something as simple as a few peas or a lettuce leaf. Granted, you will need to know which vegetables your rabbit can eat and which are best to avoid – you will find all the scoop on rabbit-safe foods in’s informative pages.

Additionally, fruits can be a really special occasional reward for your pampered bunny – the natural sugars are bound to have their tiny noses twitching for more. However, the natural sugars are also somewhat of a concern as overindulging your pet in fruits and other carb-rich and sugary plants can lead to health issues. Too much calorie dense foods (and for bunnies, fruits and some veggies are just that) and your bunny could have an upset stomach or become obese, which will cause a whole other set of problems with their health. In addition to helping you learn which fruits, vegetables, and natural treats are good for your precious pet bunny,’s guides will make sure that you know how to calculate the right amount of treats, as well. Portions and frequency of the treats are as important as the choice of the treat itself, so make sure you know how much rewarding you should actually do!

Choosing Rabbit Treats

On the other hand, there are other options besides fruits and veggies you’ve sneaked out of your own pantry. Same as it is the case with other pets, there are many options for store-bought, pre-made rabbit treats, both in pet stores and online markets. These bunny yummies are specially formulated to suit your pet’s nutritive needs and, in most cases, these treats will have a feeding guide printed out on the bag so you won’t have to worry you’re overdoing it.

Some of the most popular options include bunny biscuits and chewable bits, that can double as roughage in addition to being a scrumptious treat, or dried mixes of various herbs, leaves, and plants that they would have access to in the wild. Most bunnies will go wild for these- which makes them quite suitable as an aid to positive reinforcement training. Not unlike cats and dogs, bunnies respond well to reward-based training and will learn how to use the litter much faster if you coax them with their fave treats.

To boot, your bunny can learn a few tricks, like to come when called, with the right combination of delicious nom-noms and a bit of effort. Not only that you’ll get recommendations for best rabbit treats here at, but our vast resources on rabbits and their behavior will help you train your pet and deepen the bond you have. For instance, did you know that by sprinkling the treats throughout your pet’s hay will stimulate a rabbit’s natural instinct to forage- this way, they’ll get to enjoy both the tastiness of the treat and the excitement of the search? Our experts generously share nifty insider tips like this one all the time, so make sure to peruse the guides we have on the website.

If you are a bunny owner, both experienced or a beginner, make sure to take a look at other’s resources on rabbits. From our detailed breed pages, and guides on everything from rabbit carriers and houses to health and grooming supplies, we guarantee you’ll find an answer to all your bunny-related questions.


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