The Cone May Be the Most Beautiful Scratching Post You’ve Seen

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
The Cone lets your cat scratch beautifully — it’s a new modern scratching post and nap space that you’ll love as much as your cat does.

While many of us suffer through awkwardly shaped and heavily carpeted tubes and tunnels that rise upward and outward into our living spaces and provide a mock-habitat and tacky scratching post for our feline friends, the folks who designed The Cone chose differently.

Oh, they still appreciate the need for kitty to have her own safe space and understand she will turn any vertical surface into her very own emery board, but they came up with a streamlined design that looks like something Dyson would propose if they weren’t in the business of vacuums.

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The Cone is tall – 31.5 inches tall, it’s sturdy and it delivers a surface that cats of any size can use to scratch, stretch, climb or play. The natural, 100% sisal cover is ideal for kitty to sink her claws into and it’s neutral tones and A-line shape means it fits into any décor and surely beats out what’s already on the market from an aesthetics standpoint.

The Cone offers fussy felines an elevated nap space with plush, reversible and washable cushion that’s sure to make her feel like she’s queen of the world – if she doesn’t already – and an easy carry handle in case she needs you to move it around the house during the day to catch the sun.

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And you just know it was designed by a cat person because WISKI gets that felines need height to extend their entire reach and that sisal is a super attractive fabrication for them to sink their claws into. Better still, The Cone’s neutral sisal wrap simply zips off for easy replacement. Soft vinyl feet make it perfect for hardwood floors and also non-skid for when kitty takes a running start.

WISKI founder Evan Ryan, says The Cone is his answer to the bulky, ugly cat tree-scratching post combos currently available and he needs to move it from the prototype stage to actual production. That’s where his Kickstarter campaign comes in.

For a pledge of just $1 you are kept up-to-date on the progress of The Cone as it moves towards production (hey, every little bit helps) but for those who want to see the look of elation as their puss curls up on The Cone’s elevated nap space, just $165 gets you your very own unit (a $300 retail value). The Cone can be shipped anywhere in the United States, once production begins (estimated May 2018).

Do you want a Cone for your own? Head to the WISKI campaign page on Kickstarter.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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