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Lineolated Parakeet

  • Size: 6 inches
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Bird Species: Parakeet
  • Colors: Various colors
  • Sounds: Quiet, Mimics, Natural singing
  • Interaction: Social, Affectionate, Fun, Cuddly
  • Comparable Breeds: Sun Conure, Budgerigar Parakeet

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Lineolated parakeets, or linnies for short, are definitely a parrot you should choose if you want a low-maintenance pet. These little goofy birds have so many great and lovable traits that it can easily be said that they are a perfect pet parrot. Playful, quiet, cuddly, and incredibly silly, these feathery goofballs are a source of endless entertainment. If you’re looking for a small and lively bird to keep you company, then look no further – linnies are here!

These tiny parrots are lively, silly and cuddly- Lineolated Parakeet is loved worldwide with good reason.

This is a South American parakeet and is found in large, separated regions that span from southern Mexico and Panama to the Andes, parts of Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela. They nest in highland forests and prefer mountains and high altitudes. They are often seen as high as 3000 meters above sea level, where they live in tree canopies. Although they are small, they have a great resistance to the cold temperatures of these high altitudes and have adapted to thrive in their natural home.

These pocket parrots are one of the smallest pet birds you can buy. Their tiny features will quickly charm you. The adults reach an average length of up to 6 inches (16 centimeters) and weigh only around 2 ounces (50 grams). With their miniature looks, they resemble lovebirds more than other members of the parakeet family. The short tail feathers, the rounded head, the ruffled plumage and the short stubby beak are all distinguishing features of linnies.

One of the chief traits that make these parakeets such a loved and popular pet is their quiet and peaceful personality. They are not at all noisy as some other breeds, and this makes them great for apartments. The cute voices of linnies are often heard as they mimic simple sounds and human speech. They are also well known for memorizing melodies and repeating them in their bright and cheerful chirp. Their natural and soothing tweets are pleasing to the ear, and the cute whistling of popular melodies will undoubtedly brighten your day.

The Lineolated parakeet is a simply colored bird with just a few distinct details.  The body is mainly green, with lighter tones on the cheeks and the belly. The wings are darker, with black detail on feather tips, as well as some small blue details on the lower wings. However, there exist various color mutations of linnies in captivity. Some of these are yellow, violet, white, turquoise and olive green. Whatever the color, this little bird is as pretty as its personality.

There are numerous color mutations you can choose from. Some of these colors are even prettier than the natural.

Due to their small size, the Lineolated parakeet won’t eat as much as the larger parrots. Pre-made commercial seed mixes designed for parakeets and small parrots are a great basic diet to begin with. In the wild, they feed on various seeds, fruits insects, and larvae. Linnies are great lovers of bathing. A bathing dish with fresh water should always be in their cage, and water sprays are a great pastime. Of course, they do a lot to eliminate any potential feather diseases.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny, cartoonish size of these parakeets. While they might be easy to lose sight of, and that can be a dangerous thing, they are still quite hardy and strong. Their great ability to adapt made them thrive in their often harsh natural habitat. With enough basic care, exercise and a balanced diet, your Lineolated Parakeet will have no troubles at all. On the other hand, they might not be the best choice for a lifelong friend and companion, since their lifespan is around 10 to 15 years.

Linnies might be tiny, but they sure are strong. With good care, they will live happily and healthy.

You will quickly become yet another person to fall in love with the charming personality of linnies. These silly, energetic cuddling machines are full of things to love. From their whistling and singing, the goofy tricks, all the way to the burrowing under the blankets – the fun never stops when you have a Lineolated Parakeet pet. They are great around people and with their sociable behavior, they will always be at the center of attention. This is the perfect pet parrot – a friend, an entertainer, comforter and family member. Linnie has it all!

Photo credit:  tatianaput/Shutterstock; Sylvie Bouchard/Shutterstock; Peter Valentino/Shutterstock

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  • Size: 12 inches
  • Lifespan: 30 years
  • Bird Species: Conure
  • Colors: Yellow, orange, green details
  • Sounds: Vocal, mimicking, noisy, chatterer
  • Interaction: Highly social, playful, affectionate, territorial
  • Comparable Breeds: Masked Lovebird, Alexandrine Parakeet
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  • Lifespan: 5-10 years
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  • Sounds: Whistling, mimicry, chitter-chattering
  • Interaction: Highly social
  • Comparable Breeds: American Singer Canary