Plum Headed Parakeet

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About Plum Headed Parakeet

13 inches
up to 30 years
Bird Species
Green, Red & Grey details
Vocal, Noisy, Natural calls , Mimics
Social, Energetic, Affectionate, Fun
Comparable Breeds
Alexandrine Parakeet, Severe Macaw
Plum Headed Parakeet General Info

When reading about different parrots, you are sure to come across these widely popular and widespread parakeets. With a perfect set of traits, a lovely look, and social behavior, the Plum Headed parakeet is loved worldwide as a pet and a part of the family. They are very smart, playful, and will always make your day a little bit more interesting. Read on and learn more about one of the oldest domesticated parrot breeds!

Plum Headed parakeet is energetic, playful and generally peaceful. That’s why this is one of the most popular pet parrots!

Native Region/Natural Habitat

Like most parakeets, these birds are found all over the Indian subcontinent. They are very swift flyers, and their flocks can be spotted zooming around, twisting and turning at high speeds. Being a very common sight in India, they are seen in their preferred habitat – forests, sparse woodland, Himalayan foothills, and cities and villages as well. They have been documented as early as 1760’s, but pet parakeets go way back in history. Alexander the Great once prized these parrots for their beauty and mimics.

Overall Description

The Plum Headed parakeet is mostly similar to the other members of its family. The adults reach an average length of 13 inches (33 centimeters), with a remarkably long tail that grows up to 9 inches (22 centimeters) in length. This is the distinctive trait shared by all the parakeets. With a moderate wingspan and this long tail, this parrot needs plenty of space. Free flight is encouraged to help them exercise and vent out their energy.

Speech and Sounds

The noise levels from a parakeet are generally considered moderate. They have a variety of natural twittering and shrill calls that are not too loud or repetitive. Like the Alexandrine parakeet, they will also learn to mimic some basic sounds or words, although it’s not their specialty. But with their intelligence, they always love to learn new tricks. Trying to teach them new words is encouraged.


Parakeets are often considered as simple when it comes to plumage coloring, but with these bright colors and unique details, Plum Headed parakeet is nothing short of beautiful. They are mostly colored in a bright, tropical shade of green, darker on the wings and lighter on the rest of the body. The males have a dark red head, with a few purple details on the back of the neck, while the females have a purplish gray head. The males also have a thin black collar around the neck and a red patch on the shoulder. These distinct and interesting combinations make the Plum headed parakeet one of a kind in the avian world.

Nature’s uniqueness is visible in all the interesting colors and combinations seen on the Plum Headed parakeet.

Care and Feeding

Today we are offered a choice of commercial seed and pellet based mixes that are designed specifically for parakeets. These mixes ensure a varied and rich diet of seeds, millet and sometimes nuts. This is a sound basis which you will want to supplement with some fresh fruits and green vegetables, or even some cooked rice or chicken. A clean source of drinking water must be provided daily, as well as bathing dishes on a regular occasion.

Health and Common Conditions

A parrot with a high level of energy needs a lot of space to be able to burn it off. This is particularly important for fast flyers like the Plum Headed parakeet. If confined to cages at all times, they can develop apathy and listlessness which in turn lead to dangerous sickness. The best choice is to allow them free flight around the house and reserve the cage for timeouts and sleeping. Remember that a satisfied parrot is healthy in turn.

Plum Headed parakeets are energetic and fast flyers. Allow them the freedom of the home – it’s essential.

Personality & Behavior

These parakeets boast a quick wit and high intelligence. They are known as peaceful birds that get along really well with other birds. Sometimes they even act protective of smaller birds like finches or budgies. A Plum Headed parakeet has a lot of desirable traits which is why they are so loved in the world of pet bird owners. While energetic, funny and full of tricks, it also has a more affectionate side, enjoying to play and cuddle with his favorite person. They are readily available around the world, so if you choose a pet parakeet, you will quickly realize just why they are the favorite of so many.

Photo credit: Rosa Jay/Shutterstock; Prakash_Chandra/Shutterstock

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