Regent Parakeet

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by Angela Vuckovic
fast facts

About Regent Parakeet

16 inches
25-30 years
Bird Species
Yellow, Green
Vocal, Talker, Mimics, Noisy
Social, Affectionate, Energetic, Docile
Comparable Breeds
Budgerigar Parakeet, Sun Conure
Regent Parakeet General Info

Regent parrots are one of the lovelier birds in the parakeet family, even though they are not often seen around. With their affectionate temperament and energetic and fun behavior, these parakeets make wonderful friends and loving pets. With all these good traits comes a fantastic combination of colors that is unique and strikingly beautiful. The Regent parakeet is a one of a kind bird, and a loved pet all over the world.

Regent parakeet is a complete package: fun, affectionate, and beautifully colored.

Native Region/Natural Habitat

These parakeets are widespread throughout the southwestern parts of Australia, where they live in dense shrubland, woodlands, and eucalyptus groves. In the wilderness, they are often observed in small flocks that number from 20 to 100 birds. They are considered one of the best flying birds in Australia, and often zoom around at high speeds in between wooded areas as they search for seeds and water sources.

Overall Description

These medium-sized birds reach an average length of about 16 inches (40 centimeters). Unlike some other parakeets, they have rounded chubby bodies and somewhat shorter tails. They also have a distinct beak – small and sharp, and similar to the Budgerigar parakeet. Males and females can be distinguished by their slight color differences, and with some practice, you will be able to easily tell them apart.

Speech and Sounds

These energetic little parrots have a natural tendency to be heard. They are vocal, and besides an occasional loud tweet or chirp, they will often learn a few words to repeat. Besides those, they easily mimic familiar household sounds – alarms, doorbells, and phones. To train them you can start with whistles and work from there. You’ll be surprised how quickly they learn. But in general, apartment settings might not be the best choice when your parakeet gets chatty.


You are bound to fall in love with the graceful look of these parrots. The males have a generally yellow base color, with a lot of details besides. The top of the wings is black with blue patterns and a few red drops here and there. The tail and the flight feathers have a bluish tint. The females, on the other hand, have more green tones in their plumage and a bit of pink shades on the flight feathers. These parakeets are amongst the more unusual pet parrots, and they make a beautiful sight in every home.

These exotic parakeets have a fantastic and fresh blend of colors. They are amongst the prettiest pet parrots.

Care and Feeding

Check your local pet stores for the regular seed mixes that are made especially for parakeets. They include a variety of millet seeds, sunflower and oats seeds and a lot of similar goodies. These mixes make a great basic diet which you’ll want to supplement with regular fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Take care to replace fresh water sources on a daily basis as they have a tendency to bathe in every water dish that’s close by. You can also remedy this by regular showers, either in the bathroom or your kitchen sink.

Health and Common Conditions

Although they might look fragile and small at first glance, these parrots are actually hardy and robust. This is especially true when they are given the necessary attention and care. Remember that Regent parakeets are excellent flyers and require a lot of free space. Besides a spacious cage, they need freedom of movement around the house. They will explore, follow you around and fly as much as they want. This exercise is a basis for good health and happiness.

Often called Australia’s best flyers, Regent parakeets have high energy and require the freedom to move as they please.

Personality & Behavior

For the most part, the Regent parakeets are docile and affectionate parrots. They will create a bond from an early age, and as they establish trust, they will exhibit the funnier and more energetic side of their personality. With a few toys, free room and enough social interaction, you will quickly discover that a happy and healthy Regent parakeet is a loving and calm pet parrot. Their docile behavior makes them suitable for aviaries and companion parrots.

Photo credit: Greg Brave/BigStock; Jarrycz/BigStock; Grisha Bruev/BigStock

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