American Bullhuahua

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About American Bullhuahua

18-25 inches
45-60 lb
10-13 years
Not Applicable
Best Suited For
First time dog owners, families with older children
Loyal, energetic, playful, cautious
Comparable Breeds
Chihuahua, American Bulldog
American Bullhuahua Basics

The distinctive looking American Bullhuahua brings the height and solid build of the American Bulldog together with the energy and adorable waif-like features of a Mexican Chihuahua. This sturdy companion dog has an abundance of energy and just thrives in an environment where he can hang out with his family rather than be left alone.

The American Bullhuahua melds the American Bulldog with the Chihuahua.


The American Bullhuahua is a newer addition to the roster of designer dogs and unlike most, he doesn’t come from pure-bred lineage. Because of the difference in size, breeders will often cross multi-generational Bullhuahua dogs rather than work with pure-bred parents. Over time, this can help establish breed standards related to height, weight, color and appearance.


The American Bullhuahua is not a purebred and therefore is not registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Food / Diet

The American Bullhuahua is considered a medium-sized breed and while he is not a super active dog, he can be prone to dental issues so a top quality, grain-free kibble that meets his nutritional needs is important for his diet. Feeding should be smaller meals 2 to 3 times daily versus free-feeding to help avoid obesity issues that can come with less active dogs, along with healthy treats offered up as earned.

The American Bullhuahua is highly social and loves to hang with his human pack.


The American Bullhuahua brings the sassy smarts of a Chihuahua together with the stubbornness of an American Bulldog to produce a dog that can be a handful to train. Patience will be required with this dog and the earlier obedience and socialization training happens, the better. As with any dog, a consistent, rewards based approach will net you the best results and for first-time dog owners who feel overwhelmed, a professional trainer may be the best route.


Your American Bullhuahua is a medium-sized dog that will weigh between 45 – 60 pounds.

Temperament / Behavior

The American Bullhuahua is a highly social dog who loves people and enjoys nothing better than to hang with his human pack. While he can be spirited and outgoing, his Chihuahua DNA can result in him being cautious around strangers so a great potential watchdog. Both Chihuahuas and American Bulldogs can be aggressive towards other animals so early socialization is required to ensure your pet knows how to play nice.

Common Health Problems

While pure-bred dogs can often be plagued with health issues, breeders have become adept at cancelling out many of these concerns through the careful selection and mixing of different breeds. While dogs with Chihuahua and American Bulldog lineage might still suffer from patella luxation and skin allergies, the American Bullhuahua can be prone to an under bite that may result in dental issues.

Life Expectancy

The American Bullhuahua has a life expectancy of 10-13 years.

Exercise Requirements

Your American Bullhuahua does well with a moderate level of exercise – daily walks and active play are sufficient to keep him mentally stimulated and calm while indoors. A bored dog can get into mischief and because this breed doesn’t enjoy being left on his own, one-on-one playtime or puzzle toys to keep him busy are encouraged.

The American Bullhuahua does well with a moderate level of exercise.

Recognized Clubs

Also known as the American Bulleenie, the American Bullhuahua is recognized by the the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA).


The American Bullhuahua has a short, soft, thin coat and is considered a moderate shedder. Weekly brushing and bathing as needed should be sufficient to keep him looking his very best. This breed may be prone to dental disease so teeth brushing should be an essential part of his grooming regimen.


American Bullhuahua puppies will not be as small as Chihuahua pups but will likely have their large eyes and delicate features. Because their lineage produces a dog that can be territorial, socialization starting as a young puppy is important. As with any puppy, proper nutrition is important and your vet can guide you to the best brand for this breed.

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