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About Engatzu Spaniel

10-11 inches
9-15 lbs
12-14 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Seniors, singles, families with older children, people who live in an apartment
Sweet, loyal, clingy, gentle, playful, cheerful, intelligent, eager to please
Comparable Breeds
Shih Tzu, English Toy Spaniel
Engatzu Spaniel Basics

It’s hard not to fall in love with an Engatzu Spaniel- these small dogs are all charm and beauty. Their silky, soft coat and teddy-bear looks appeal to many pet owners, but it’s their cheerful, sweet temperament that wins everyone over. Loving, amusing, fiercely loyal to their families- these dogs might be pint-sized, but they pack one big personality inside their petite bodies.

Engatzu Spaniel is a hybrid breed, with two purebred parents: English Toy Spaniel and Shih Tzu. Both his mom and dad are small, lively lap dogs that have been popular pets for centuries. As their mix, this rare designer dog stands to inherit many desirable qualities and is certain to grow even more popular.

Adaptable and friendly, these designer dogs will fit in families of all shapes and sizes. With proper training and socialization, Engatzu Spaniel is a lovely companion for children and a playful dog that gets along with other pets. Their laziness and compact size also make them ideal for people who live in an apartment.

Owing to his unique parentage, this designer dog is a gentle soul, extremely loyal to his family and very affectionate with his favorite people


While there have been mixed breed dogs for as long as anyone can remember, the designer dog trend of crossbreeding purebreds is a fairly recent one. It’s only the last couple of decades that hybrids have become a popular choice for pets, and their popularity is only growing with years. In a way, it all really started to expand into a worldwide phenomenon when an Australian breeder tried to create the world’s first hypoallergenic service dog and made the “original designer dog” in the process- Labradoodle. This took place in the 1980s, and ever since, countless breeders have tried their luck at creating an equally successful crossbreed. Naturally, this means that there was a sudden influx of new hybrids, leading to an overall confusion and lack of information about the origin of most designer dogs.

Engatzu Spaniel, unfortunately, is one of those dog breeds we don’t know much about. Best guess anyone can have is that the first intentional litter of English Toy Spaniel and Shih Tzu mix puppies was created somewhere in the United States, and sometime in the last 30 years. Their history is pretty short when compared to those of his purebred mom and dad, but Engatzu Spaniel’s impressive traits are proof enough of the breed’s quality.


Engatzu Spaniel is a designer dog breed, which means these canines are the offspring of two different purebreds: Shih Tzu and English Toy Spaniel. Like it is usually the case with popular hybrid breeds, these dogs are also first generation (F1) mixes or 50-50 percent mix of the two dogs. Multi-generational crossbreeding is rare, which means that the appearance of these dogs is quite unpredictable. On the other hand, breeders claim that F1 mixes are also the healthiest ones, so it’s definitely a bonus.

Unfortunately, the mixed breed lineage of the Engatzu Spaniel means that the American Kennel Club, as well as most major canine organizations, don’t recognize these dogs as an actual breed. As a result, these hybrids are not eligible for registration and won’t have official pedigree papers. Nevertheless, knowing your puppy’s family tree is important- meeting mom and dad will show you what to expect in terms of behavior and appearance. A reputable breeder will allow you to meet their dogs and offer a health guarantee for the puppies.

Of course, a lot of designer dogs end up in shelters: some are designer dogs by accident (as the crossing of purebreds wasn’t planned) and some had the misfortune to end up with families that didn’t understand their needs before adopting them. And even in the case you are adopting an Engatzu Spaniel rather than buying from a breeder, it doesn’t mean you won’t know what to expect with your new pet. After all, as the offspring of two such majestic dog breeds, Engatzu Spaniel has to be a great dog himself, too.


One of your main responsibilities as a pet owner is to ensure your pet’s nutrition is up to standards. A healthy, well-balanced diet will promote overall wellbeing and even act to prevent certain health issues in the long run. As omnivores, dogs can eat a lot of different food, but they also need more diverse nutrients than, say, strict carnivores. Their intricate dietary needs are best met with a complete food, such as kibble.

Dry food for dogs is formulated that offers all the right stuff in the right ration- and to boot, most pooches love this crunchy goodness. Naturally, not all dry foods will be a good match for your Engatzu Spaniel. Choose kibble that’s made from high-quality ingredients, doesn’t have a lot of fillers, additives, and artificial dyes. In most cases, premium dry food for small breeds is a good match for this designer dogs, as these blends consider their size and activity level both. Additionally, their kibble should also be suitable for their age, as puppies, seniors, and adult dogs don’t have the same dietary needs.

Engatzu Spaniel is a small breed dog and won’t need much to be full. The exact amount of kibble he’ll need will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation, but in most cases, it’s about a cup of kibble every day. Don’t overfeed them- and these dogs will try to get you to do it- as they gain weight quickly, which results in a myriad of health issues. The voracious appetite of Engatzu Spaniel is not a match for their petite frame!

Adaptable and friendly, these designer dogs will fit in families of all shapes and sizes.


If you are looking into dog breeds that are suitable for beginner owners, Engatzu Spaniel definitely fits the bill. In addition to his overall low-maintenance needs, this designer dog is highly trainable and even a newbie dog parent shouldn’t have an issue with teaching them the basics. The English Toy Spaniel and Shih Tzu mix is an intelligent dog which is also very eager to please his owner- a combo that will make them the star pupil. However, it’s important to have the right approach if you want results, even if your pooch is a quick learner by nature.

Positive reinforcement training techniques have the most success with Engatzu Spaniel, as well as most dogs in general. Using treats and excited praise as motivation for learning is certain to inspire your mischievous puppy to sit still and pee outside, whereas being harsh and punishing them will only make them afraid of your- but won’t get the training message across. Be consistent and confident while using reward-based methods, and you’re sure to succeed.

In addition to basic training, all puppies will have to go through socialization in order to become friendly, sweet dogs. Without early exposure to other dogs, children, and strangers, it’s likely your Engatzu Spaniel will have small dog syndrome or be too shy and withdrawn.


Even when fully mature, the Engatzu Spaniel is a very small dog. On average, they weigh 9 to 15 pounds in adulthood.


Bred to be a sweet lapdog and an exemplary companion, Engatzu Spaniel has a wonderful personality that makes him a popular choice for a pet. Owing to his unique parentage, this designer dog is a gentle soul, extremely loyal to his family and very affectionate with his favorite people. In fact, these small dogs can grow so attached to their humans that they develop separation anxiety– feeling of panic whenever their family members are not around. If you work long hours or can’t take your pooch with you for many of your activities than the clingy, doting Engatzu Spaniel might not be the best choice for you.

In addition to being cuddly and eager to please, these petite hybrids are smart and playful, too. They make great companions to older, gentle kids who will know how to play without being rough to a small dog. While lively and cheerful, Engatzu Spaniel is not an energetic dog: in fact, you could say that they’re lazy couch potatoes. They love following their owners around but they’d much rather spend the day sitting in their laps. If you like small, sweet, and laid-back dogs, you’ll love the Shih Tzu and English Toy Spaniel mix.

Common Health Problems

The health of your puppy’s parents will have a big impact on the health of your puppies. While designer dogs can sometimes be even healthier than their purebred mom and dad, with irresponsible breeding practices, their health issues will be worse than those of their parents. The key is to make sure that the breeder who is selling you Engatzu Spaniel puppy is a reputable one- they should offer a health guarantee. Pet stores and puppy mills don’t care about the health of their puppies and they’ll often be sick or have a predisposition to develop serious issues later in life.

If well bred, an Engatzu Spaniel is a healthy dog with few potential concerns. Owing to his mom and dad, this designer dog can sometimes be affected by issues such as luxating patellas, Legg-Calve-Perthes, respiratory issues, and problems with eyes. Additionally, as a small dog breed, Shih Tzu and English Toy Spaniel mix will be more prone to plaque buildup, early tooth loss, and obesity- but all of these can be easily prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

Life Expectancy

With good care, the average lifespan of an Engatzu Spaniel is between 12 and 14 years.

Exercise Requirements

An ideal companion for seniors or apartment dwellers, Engatzu Spaniel has very low exercise requirements. In addition to the fact that small dogs are generally less demanding when it comes to activity, this particular breed is also not very interested in being active- they’re lazy dogs. If you want a dog that will enjoy hiking or play fetch with you for hours, look elsewhere: Engatzu Spaniel will be the happiest napping on a couch or playing inside.

Nevertheless, if you want your pet stays healthy and fit, you will have to ensure they get at least 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise. This shouldn’t be too exerting, especially if your pooch has a short snout. Short, brisk walks and a bit of quality playtime will be more than enough for Engatzu Spaniel to be happy and in its best form.

An ideal companion for seniors or apartment dwellers, Engatzu Spaniel has very low exercise requirements.

Recognized Clubs

Official canine organizations, such as the AKC, don’t recognize any of the designer dog breeds. However, there are some smaller clubs that recognize crossbreeds, including the English Toy Spaniel and Shih Tzu mix dogs. American Canine Hybrid Club, Dog Registry of America, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognize Engatzu Spaniel as a breed in its own right.


The long, silky coat of the Engatzu Spaniel is one of his points of pride. As a mix between a Shih Tzu and an English Toy Spaniel, both of whom have soft long hair, this hybrid is sure to flaunt lustrous locks of his own. The possible colors are many- from cream and fawn to two-colored coats in a variety of shades.

Their hair will need daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling, and to make sure it keeps its softness and sheen. But, in general, these dogs are not too demanding when it comes to their grooming needs.


Engatzu Spaniel puppies are extremely small and very fragile. You should be very careful not to hurt them, as even the smallest mishap can lead to injury. Needless to say, these hybrids shouldn’t be on their own, playing with children, especially when they’re young and sensitive.

When they’re a few months old, Engatzu Spaniel puppies are ready for their training and socialization. The earlier, the better! This helps them become lovely dogs that they can be, full of love for everyone they meet.

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