Benefits of Using Coconut Oil To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Coconut oil has a multitude of great uses when it comes to our dogs. Did you know that coconut oil can be used to brush your dog’s teeth?

Let’s face it, that wet, slobbery kiss your pooch plants on you each time you lean in too close comes with a whole lot of love but also a big shot of doggy breath. Problem is that Rover’s stinky mouth can be a sign that something is medically amiss and depending on how foul the smell, it may mean a dental check-up is in order.

Just like humans, regular, preventive steps are needed to protect your pet’s dental and overall health and though we can all manage a quick lip-lift to spot check teeth (missing, loose or chipped) and gums (red or inflamed) many dogs get seriously stressed when it comes to actually having their teeth brushed.

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For pet parents who have attempted brushing and had mixed results with the chicken, malt or peanut butter flavored doggie toothpastes out on the market, there is a more natural option that has proven to be not only appealing to pooches but one of today’s hottest all natural health crazes. Coconut oil.

Touted as a “super food” for humans it’s a flavor most dogs will accept on a toothbrush and due to its healthy properties, it’s safe for him to swallow (unlike tooth pastes designed for humans, baking soda or salt).

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The oil is extracted from mature coconuts and because it’s high in saturated fat and medium-chain triglycerides it’s natural health benefits aid digestion and promote a healthy metabolism in both humans and dogs. For pooches, you’re best to start out slowly and build to about 1/4 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of your pet’s body weight, delivered daily.

It helps increase nutrient absorption, ease the effects of colitis and inflammatory bowel syndrome and is excellent for your pooch’s skin and coat health. It’s natural antibacterial properties also mean it’s safe and effective in relieving dry itchy skin when applied topically.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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