Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

We’ve all heard the commercials about eggs being a great source of protein. But for many of us who are pet owners the question is, are they also a great source of protein for our dogs? You see, I love scrambled eggs and if I’m eating them for breakfast… well, chances are my gal pals will want to have some as well.

The good news is that yes, dogs can eat eggs and yes, they will also receive the many nutritional benefits of this high-protein food. Eggs contain essential fatty and amino acids, Vitamin A, and at only 70 calories and around 185 mg of cholesterol (per average sized egg), a small portion isn’t going to take your pooch up and over his daily recommended allowances. In fact, he can eat them every day.

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But whoa, nellie because there is a big qualifier to having him nosh down on scrambled eggs and its all about how you prepare them.

If you love to heat up a pan of butter, then sauté onions and garlic before you scramble in your eggs, then they aren’t suitable for sharing with your pooch. Period. Even when using powdered, dehydrated or cooked onion or garlic, the effects can kill off his red blood cells and cause anemia or even death. Ditto with milk, cream and butter – all of which can cause diarrhea and dehydration. And while we’re talking about side effects, plan to serve up Rover’s portion of scrambled eggs before yousalt your own because sodium is another big no-no for doggy diets.

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Overwhelmed? Don’t be. And don’t let this scare you away from giving your dog his delicious daily ration of scrambled eggs. When prepared without the extra fats and seasonings, even the American Kennel Association (AKA) confirms that cooked eggs are a great dietary supplement for dogs and even goes so far as to say that they can help settle his upset stomach. Who knew?

Now, if your pooch is new to eating cooked eggs and he suddenly exhibits itchy skin or red, runny eyes, it’s possible he’s part of a small percentage of dogs that are allergic to egg protein. If it’s happened more than once, and its shortly after feeding him eggs in any form, get him tested to ensure it’s limited to just this type of protein. And read the food and treat labels carefully because you might be surprised at how often eggs are used in dog foods.

But assuming your buddy enjoys his scrambled eggs and has shown no ill effects, consider it safe to add them to his regular meals as a dietary supplement. Yes, supplement. This type of human food should never exceed more than 10% of his dietary intake. In other words, scrambled eggs can be doled out as a tasty topping or a daily treat, but they aren’t a meal replacement and they aren’t a trade-off for a proper nutritional diet – be that of the dry, wet or raw food variety. That said, feel free to get crackin’!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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