New Findings Reveal CBD Oil Could Help Epileptic Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic
About 90 percent of the epileptic dogs that were given the CBD oil as part of the study had fewer seizures as a result.

For some time now, humans have been enjoying the many benefits of CBD oil, but it’s not just people who can use cannabidiol oil for medical purposes. CBD oil for cats and dogs is a growing trend- with many purposes and applications. From senior dogs who can use it to fight off dementia to those furballs whose pain is relieved with this holistic product, to cats who can also use CBD oil to support natural healing. Now, the latest trial study adds another benefit to the list- canines who have life-threatening epileptic seizures are seeing a reduction in seizure activity after CBD oil treatment.

Dr. Stephanie McGrath a the Colorado State University is leading a trial aimed at testing the effect cannabidiol oil has on epileptic dogs. She just finished a pilot study that involved 16 participants and the results give a reason for hope. About 90 percent of the epileptic dogs that were given the CBD oil as part of the study had fewer seizures as a result. Having in mind how debilitating epileptic seizures can be for canines and the impact they have on the quality of a dog’s life- this is huge news. Potentially, this natural drug could significantly improve life with this neurological disorder for many pooches out there.

The scientists don’t yet know the whys and hows of the cannabidiol effect on dog’s brain receptors, but they are realizing that it’s successful in altering brain chemistry in a way that reduces seizure activity. This prompted a second, larger study for more conclusive findings. The research is now funded by American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation and looks to enroll 60 pooches to see if CBD oil will help them, too.

It’s clear that CBD oil has its merits for our four-legged friends, as many pet owners report that even treats with this non-psychoactive substance can help dogs with anxiety, or chronic pain. A lot of veterinarians are turning to this holistic option to treat various health issues, but if CBD oil proves to be an effective epilepsy drug as well, it will be a big deal. For many dogs, conventional anticonvulsants don’t always cut it, and having an effective natural alternative to turn to could be a literal lifesaver.

Angela Vuckovic
Angela Vuckovic

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