Adoptable Dog Of The Week – Chief

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Don’t blink or you may miss Chief, our Adoptable Dog of the Week! Living in Cottonwood, Arizona, Chief is an adult male Greyhound who has retired from racing and is looking for a new career as a family pet. He is already neutered, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.

Chief was born in January of 2012. His racing career ended when he broke a bone in his right rear leg. He is now mended and mobile once again.

Chief is sweet (I call him Sweet Cheeks), affectionate, innocent, curious, and energetic! Chief likes to gnaw on things and swallow them (not an uncommon trait among just-off-the-track Greyhounds). Five days after ingestion, and in one tremendous upheaval, he barfed up pieces from two different squeaky toys. With some grooming and healthy, nutritious food Chief’s coat should soon be full and shiny. White Greyhounds have sensitive skin and need to be careful not to get sunburned. In hot weather, if given the choice, Chief will seek out the coolest spots, both inside and out; smart Boy that he is, he avoids the sun’s harsh rays as much as possible. Chief likes to lounge in the pool (he doesn’t mind sharing the water with others) or on the ground under the shade of a tree. He seems to find small Pups fascinating and allows them to get in his face without the slightest indication of annoyance.

Chief has growled warningly at other Greyhounds when a bone or hoof was in the area (due to the newness of all that Life is now offering him), but a firm “NO” was all it took for him to realize the error of his ways. Even more than running, Chief likes food! He gets very excited when treats are passed out (we’re working on this) and is equally, if not more excited when Doggy Chow time rolls around. He loves, loves, loves attention and affection and is not shy about getting his needs and desires met!

To learn more about Chief, please visit Greyhounds of the Verde Valley.