Adoptable Dog of the Week – Chrisy

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This week’s adoptable dog from is Chrisy, a Labrador Retriever Mix from Manhasset, NY.  She’s young, cute and much more – if fact, she’s already spayed, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.

Chrisy is a 6 months -1 year old Lab. She is a gorgeous and goofy young girl. She has the best puppy eyes we have ever seen. It is so hard for anyone to resist that adorable face. She is still growing in her body. Her legs are far too long for her body which makes her simply adorable! Chrisy will love lying in the middle of your living room and sprawling those long legs while playing with a toy. This girl has a great personality and gets along with everyone! Chrisy really enjoys having a toy if she doesn’t have a playmate. She is very good at entertaining herself if you or the other dog in your house does not have the energy she does. She will take a toy and play fetch with herself by throwing a toy across the room and chasing after it. Chrisy gets along great with all dogs. This little lab absolutely loves going to on a walk or playing in the backyard. She would greatly enjoy is you spend time with her to teach her some fun tricks. She is very sensitive to what you want and thirsty to learn more! Chrisy will be a great playmate for your children as long as they want to love her.

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