Adoptable Dog of the Week-Max

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If you want a whole lotta dog in your life, here’s the pooch you’ve been waiting for! Our Adoptable Dog of the week is Max, a vivacious 4 years old American Pit Bull Terrier mix from Cooperstown, NY. This cutie patootie is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. Max is a friendly pooch but can be picky about other dogs in the family. He doesn’t do well with cats and should go to an adult-only home: his excitability and size don’t mix well with young children.

If you want an active dog that will be your most loyal companion both on adventures and in everyday life, Max is your guy. Sweet, fun-loving, and full of energy, this pretty pooch loves running, going on walks and hikes, and playing with toys or his human. His ideal owner would be a fitness fanatic or at least someone that leads a more active lifestyle and would love to include their dog in it. Max is eager to be someone’s best friend!

Smart and people-pleasing, Max catches on very quickly and will learn in no time: he’s still has some way to go with his manner, but with the right peeps by his side, it shouldn’t be an issue. While affectionate and kind with humans, Max is not all that sociable with other four-legged family members. He tolerates dogs and could potentially get along well with another dog if their temperaments and energies match. However, Max is aggressive towards cats and shouldn’t be around felines in his new homes. While he doesn’t mind children, he is a big pooch with energy to spare so he could inadvertently hurt a young kid during play. For that reason, his rescuers recommend he goes to an adult-only home. 

In case you’re interested in adopting Max, you should contact Susquehanna SPCA for more information.