Celebrate DOGust Universal Birthday All Month Long!

Kate Barrington
by Kate Barrington
Dogs who are adopted from a shelter don’t always know their birthday. That’s why August is DOGust Universal B-Day month for shelter dogs!

If you got your dog as a puppy from the breeder, you probably know exactly when his birthday is. Many dogs that are abandoned to shelters, however, come with limited information from their owners and, most frequently, an estimate of their age rather than an exact birthdate. To ensure that shelter dogs still get to celebrate their birthdays, the North Shore Animal League of America created DOGust, a universal birthday for shelter dogs.

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What is the History of DOGust?

The North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Since its founding in 1944, Animal League America has been leading the way in animal activism, finding homes for millions of abandoned pets each and every year. One of the organization’s most successful events is the annual Pet Adoptathon – an event where shelters keep their doors open for 36 straight hours. Today, more than 2,000 shelters across the US participate in this event and an average of 20,000 animals find their new forever homes over the course of the weekend.

In addition to finding homes for countless adoptable pets each year, North Shore Animal League America also celebrates the lives of shelter pets through the annual DOGust the 1st celebration. This event takes place on August 1 each year and it starts with a birthday party held at the shelter where dog lovers and their rescue dogs are welcomed in droves. In celebration of DOGust the 1st, shelters across the country offer free adoptions and goodie bags for adopters and their pets. Donations are accepted throughout the course of the weekend and all proceeds benefit North Shore Animal League America and its adoption efforts.

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Why Should You Celebrate DOGust This Year?

If you already know your dog’s birthday you can celebrate it on the exact day. Many people who adopt shelter dogs, however, do not know exactly when their dog’s birthday is so they choose the date of adoption or pick another random day to celebrate. If you have a shelter dog of your own, consider celebrating his birthday on DOGust the 1, or any date in August. Even if you don’t have a shelter dog of your own, you can still donate to the cause or volunteer at your local North Shore Animal League America shelter. All donations help to support animal rescue efforts, food and shelter for pets in need, veterinary services for shelter pets, and other related costs.

Whether you choose to celebrate your own dog’s birthday on DOGust the 1st or not, you should seriously consider taking part in the festivities. The North Shore Animal League America is a wonderful organization that has saved the lives of countless animals and by taking part in the DOGust the 1st festivities you can do your part in supporting this noble cause. Whether you choose to donate financially or you elect to give the gift of your time as a volunteer, your efforts will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. So mark your calendar for DOGust – it’s a whole month of celebrating shelter dogs!

Kate Barrington
Kate Barrington

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