Preparing For Your Pup’s First Day Of Doggy Daycare

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When it’s time for your pooch’s first day of doggy daycare, it’s a lot like being a worried parent, sending their kid off to his first day of kindergarten. Sending you dog to daycare isn’t as simple as just dropping her off and hoping for the best – there are actually quite a few things to consider first. As long as you leave adequate time to prepare, her first day should go without a hitch.

Prior Assessments

Before you’ll be allowed to drop your pup off at daycare, she’ll first have to have a thorough assessment from the staff to make sure she’s a good match for the group. Don’t expect to simply be able to turn up at their doorstep and have them take in your dog, so daycare isn’t a good option if you need someone to look after your dog in an emergency. Any daycare that doesn’t require some kind of assessment probably isn’t safe and wouldn’t be a good environment for your dog.

Vaccination Records

To attend doggie daycare, your pooch will need to be up to date with her vaccinations, so she’s not at risk of giving or catching any diseases. You’ll need to show your daycare your dog’s vaccination records before she’s allowed to come for her first day, so make sure that everything’s in order. If you can’t find these records, contact your veterinarian’s office to get another copy.

In Case of Emergency

On the off chance that something goes wrong, your pup’s doggy daycare facility will need to know all the right emergency contact details. Give them a number where you can be reached if they have an urgent issue. If you’re going to be unreachable for whatever reason, give them a secondary contact number, probably that of a kindly friend or family member. They should also have the correct contact details for your dog’s vet.

Snack Time

If your pup is spending a long day in daycare, it’s a good idea to request she has a time out for 20 to 30 minutes or so halfway through the day. This will give her some time to unwind and chill out for a while. So she doesn’t get annoyed about being separated from all the fun, make sure you give a tasty snack to her handlers for her to munch on. Be clear about any requirements you have. After all, you are paying the daycare for their service.

Early Birds

It’s not pleasant or comfortable for your dog to be running around and playing with a full stomach. As such, you should make sure you rise with the early birds and give your pup a very early breakfast. That way, by the time she gets to doggy daycare, it will be all but digested and she’ll be ready to romp with the best of them!

Your Peace of Mind

While you may have been thinking about how your dog will cope at her first day of daycare, consider how you’ll be feeling. It’s natural to be worried, but the staff at your pup’s daycare facility should be happy to take your calls during the day and update you on how your precious pooch is getting on. Any daycare that doesn’t allow calls or forbids you from coming in early to pick up your pooch or simply have a look around may be hiding something and is probably unsuitable. Some daycare facilities even have a live webcam so that you can keep an eye on your dog throughout the day and be certain that she’s having a blast.

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