Poof is the Smallest Way To Keep Track of Your Pet

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For pet owners everywhere, safety and health are our biggest concerns. The thought of a pet running away is terrifying, and the reality is that it happens all the time. All it takes is a slipped collar, a hole in a fence, or someone leaving the house and not shutting the door quick enough – Poof, they’re gone!

These days, there are smart, lightweight gadgets that are hitting the market that let us keep track of everything our pooches and kitties do. And one of the newest is the Poof!

Poof is a lightweight collar addition that can help track down lost pets using the power of social media. It’s also a fitness tracker that can help us monitor our pet’s health and behavior. Right now, it’s in the planning stages, but an Indiegogo campaign quickly surpassed the goal (which means they’ll be made and shipping soon!).

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Help Find Lost Pets

Poof comes in two styles – the Pea and the Bean. The Bean is super lightweight and ideal for small dogs and cats. It weighs in at .1oz and has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to sixty days. The Pea weighs .25oz and has a battery life of up to six months.

Both sizes can be attached to the collar like a tag, or can be slipped on in a handy little holder. The makers of Poof have coined the term ‘social GPS’ as a method to track down missing pets. It’s connected to a smartphone app that allows the owner to print off flyers as soon as the pet has gone missing. It alerts the owner of all nearby shelters so they can keep an eye out. The social GPS aspect uses Bluetooth technology to alert other Poof users if there’s a lost pet in their area. So if you have Poof, and you find a pet that has been missing, you can contact the owner and they can contact you.

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Fitness Tracking

Poof doesn’t just help you find your pet; it also helps monitor their health. It tracks their resting time, their exercise and gives weekly progress reports. You can keep track of how many calories are ingested vs worked off. It’s a great tool to use to keep your pet on track and healthy. With that type of knowledge at your fingertips, you can catch signs of illness early. Odd behavior, exercise or sleeping patterns can frequently be symptoms of a much bigger problem. Knowing what your pet’s activity level is and being able to hand your vet that information can save a lot of time in diagnostics.

Partnering with GreaterGood.org

As if Poof isn’t already amazing (especially at only $30), they give back to pets in need. Poof has partnered with GreaterGood.org, and all of the profits go to helping animals in need.

Poof is expected to start shipping out in July of this year. The app will come out within the next few months. The movement that can come out of this concept is incredible. We use Facebook and Twitter to help connect lost pets with their owners, but adding the social GPS will make a huge difference. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on one! If you want to reserve one for your dog or cat, visit the Poof website.

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