5 Benefits Of Using Homemade Dog Cleaning Products

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
Store-bought household cleaning products can lead to serious side effects for your dog. Get rid of toxic chemicals and enjoy the benefits of DIY cleaners.

Pet parents realize that harsh chemical cleaning products can cause health problems for their dog. Everyday household cleaning products such as oven cleaner, furniture polish, floor cleaner and toilet cleaner can cause serious reactions in both dogs and humans.

Good news – there are plenty of homemade cleaning solutions that can replace these common household cleaners, giving you all of the benefits are a sparkling home, plus the following health bonuses:

  1. Lessens Exposure: By removing toxic and dangerous household cleaners from your home, you immediately lessen the risk of your dog consuming or coming into contact with them and causing illness.

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  1. Better Quality Air: Harsh household cleaners are made with lots of chemicals that not only stick to the surfaces in your home, but they also release fumes into the air. Removing them from your environment allows you and your pets to breathe fresh air.
  2. Pure Environment: Your environment is clean and free from harmful residue left behind by chemically made cleaning products. You can live without worry or fear that your dog’s environment is making him sick.
  3. Environmentally Safe: Your homemade cleaning products are environmentally safe and are created with items you have in your kitchen pantry. Often times the ingredients in homemade cleaners include baking soda, vinegar, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, water and other environmentally friendly ingredients.
  4. Affordable: The simple products used to create homemade cleaners are generally less costly when compared to purchasing just one bottle of chemically made cleaners. The natural ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store and easily fits into your budget.

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Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

This basic all-purpose cleaner will give you a clear picture of how easy it is to make your own homemade cleaning products.

  • ¼ gallon hot water
  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • Essential oil
  • Empty spray bottle

Combine the ingredients in a pot or bowl that is able to withstand hot water. Mix the ingredients together and stir until the baking soda dissolves. Allow it to cool down and then carefully pour the cleaner into the spray bottle.

You can choose from a variety of essential oil scents such as lavender, lemon, orange and more. Keep in mind that tea tree oil has antiseptic properties and is best suited for disinfecting and deodorizing your home. The vinegar smell from the cleaner will gradually dissipate on its own.

Using homemade cleaning products are also beneficial for your entire family. Initially you may start using homemade cleaning products for your dog, but you will soon notice that your allergies lessen and you benefit from breathing clean air and living in a clean environment as well.

Many pet parents find that their dog’s often lick the floor around their food bowl searching for crumbs that have fallen to the side while eating. How many times have panicked as your dog licks right where you just used a household cleaner? Thanks to dog-friendly, DIY household cleaners, breathe a (clean) sigh of relief and let your dog lick the floor clean!

Shellie Sutera
Shellie Sutera

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