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A lot of dog owners really enjoy traveling with their beloved furry companions. Particularly in the summer, getting out of the house can be the highlight of the day (or week) – whether it is to visit the park, a walk by the river, or perhaps even getting away for a short weekend trip or a camping adventure. Whatever option you choose – and there are many – you will quickly understand how important it is to be properly organized if you want to make your travels and outings truly pet-friendly. From proper accessories to gear designed especially for travel purposes, there are plenty of products that can make matters so much easier and more convenient.

To make sure your pet will stay fed and hydrated wherever you go, whether it’s a long road trip or an afternoon at the park, you have to have a bowl and drinkable water nearby. And that is exactly where dog travel bowls come in handy! One of the most convenient travel accessories to have lying around, these nifty collapsible bowls are easy to carry around, very compact, and super efficient. You can easily pack them in your purse or overnight bag – simply whip out your collapsible travel bowl, and fill it up with fresh drinking water. Your pet will stay hydrated, energized, and safe at all times. And no need for DIY solutions or crazy inventions. No need to get dirty, or have your pet drink from unsanitary containers. Keep it simple, keep it safe, and keep it clean – dog travel bowls make it all possible. The same goes for when it’s dinner time: if you’re traveling with your pet, you want them to get their meals from a sanitary, convenient container and that’s just what these compact bowls offer.

We’ve rounded up the best dog travel bowls on the market to help you make your pick- just scroll on to find a match for everyday use, camping, traveling, or all of the above.

The Kurgo brand’s expertise needs no special introduction. Their well known Mash & Stash portable water and food container is a fantastic, collapsible solution that really takes up no space at all. This dishwasher safe bowl is made from approved food grade silicone and can hold up to 24 fluid ounces. The unique triangular design perfectly caters to your pet’s eating habits, and the ridged sides leave nothing clinging to the sides. Added to the rim is a loophole for additional carrying options. Of course, the bowl is collapsible and can be carried even in your pocket. A fantastic solution from Kurgo!

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Stepping out from the usual norms of the travel bowl design, this unique bowl is much more flexible than the others. It snaps up and folds into a compact size, and when folded out it can hold about 5 cups of water or 1 liter. Made from highly durable and waterproof materials it can withstand a lot, and it also has a unique set of carrying holes on the rim, allowing you to attach it to a leash. This dog travel bowl is easy to clean, easy to carry, and convenient to use- what more could anyone ask for?

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You think that travel bowls always need to be collapsible to be convenient? Well, think again! This brand offers a traditional, straightforward solution, packed in a modern and high-quality package. This cute set of two bowls combines the pair into a single easy to carry unit. The bowls fit into one another and are separated with leak-proof rubber seals. This means that you can fill them with food and water at your home, and safely head out to the park knowing that you can offer refreshments at any time. The outer layers are FDA approved BPA free food grade plastic, while the inside is stainless steel layered. The cover also features collapsible handles for ease of carrying. Roughly 37 ounces combined capacity, and a cute, nifty design make this travel bowl package simply one of the finest on the market.

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Here is another perfect design, this time from the Good2Go brand. A simple, basic collapsible design – but with a twist! Good2Go perfectly connects two bowls into a single nifty product. This cute, sky blue rubber bowl duo has everything you need – and then some. Made from food-grade silicone rubber, this bowl set is specifically designed to save you some valuable space. Made from a single piece of material, it niftily folds into itself to take up almost no space at all. Lock it in place with an added tab and put it into your pocket, bag, or anywhere else. Added for your convenience is a stainless steel carabiner clip that allows you to hook it to a bag or anywhere else. Nourishment on the go was never easier!

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This is one of the more unique designs on the market- and the innovative approach is definitely ensuring its growing popularity. The first thing to notice is the square food and water bowls, and their straight, firm walls. This minimizes spilling and makes for a natural eating experience. This design features a bone-shaped base which also acts as a mat to prevent slipping and spilling. It is ideal for hotels when you want to make sure that your pet’s mealtime doesn’t end up in stained and ruined flooring. When not in use the bowls fold into itself and are kept in place by specially added grooves. Simply tuck it into the carry draw bag and off you go! 100 percent safe and FDA approved materials that are dishwasher safe make this a reliable and efficient choice.

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Improve your outdoor adventures with this unique Ruffwear design that is made to endure the toughest trails and the most challenging wild environments, while still allowing for some quality eating and drinking for your pupper. Made from waterproof, unique, and highly durable welded fabric, this bowl features built-in ridges for quick collapsing and extremely easy storage. It is also very lightweight, weighing in at only 2,96 ounces (84 grams). A defining feature of this bowl is the high walls, which is great for those messy eaters that always spill some extra around. And as if all that was not enough, the bivy bowl features a reflective circle rim, allowing you to spot it even after dark. A camper’s dream come true!

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This nifty design from Winsee helps you take care of both food and water – in one go! Replicating your pet’s bowls at home, these collapsible and flexible bowls will be the ideal replacement for when you’re on the go. Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowls are made from premium flexible food-grade silicone, which is safe and 100% lead and BPA-free. This unique design also features a non-skid silicone mat that will ensure no sliding on flat surfaces, and will also catch anything your pet might spill while eating and drinking.

The bowls fold up flat when not in use, and can be stored virtually anywhere. An added carabiner clip will help you secure it to a place you choose, making it ready for use whenever. These spacious bowls can hold up to 4.5 cups of food or 35 ounces of water each, which is quite a good capacity for any dog breed.

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Small, collapsible, lightweight – these are the defining features of the Arcadia Trail travel bowl. And, quite frankly, that is all you need when you are out and about. Made from FDA approved silicone, this bowl is durable and flexible. It has a 2 cup capacity (450 ml) which is more than enough for most pooch’s needs. Make travel easier and lighter, with this very efficient solution- the added stainless steel carabiner clip makes carrying all the easier.

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Traveling with your trusty doggo friend can be such a fun experience, but also one that requires timely preparation. Plenty of accessories can make this challenge less daunting, and travel bowls are one of ‘em. SLSON Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl is a practical choice in so many ways. A convenient, basic design, this bowl is great to always have around even when you’re not going on a vacation. And thanks to its unique design, it takes no space at all so it won’t be a hassle to have it with you. It is made from premium food-grade silicone that is totally safe for your pet, and also easy to maintain, being dishwasher safe. Without any toxic materials, it is ideal for both food and water.

The basic dimensions are good for roughly 1.5 cups of dog food or 12 ounces of water. An added carabiner buckle helps you attach it somewhere convenient, ensuring you don’t lose it while on your adventure. When collapsed, this bowl is just a disc – and can be carried literally anywhere, your pocket, backpack, leash, or your car’s glove box. With this nifty accessory, your pet will never again be thirsty on the road!

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If you want to emulate the classic food bowl design but still want it to be collapsible and convenient, this is the choice for you. Designed to look the same as most classic food and water bowls, this bowl is made from durable and flexible food-grade silicone, making it easy to carry and pack. Fold it, tuck it, crumple it, or stove it away in whatever way you want – the choices are endless. Made from food-grade, BPA free silicone, this bowl will hold 16 oz (473 ml) comfortably.

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Hydration is a really big issue during the whole year, but even more so during the summer months. The same things go for both us and our pets, and even though we all enjoy the sunny days of summer, it’s no excuse to neglect our pet’s basic needs. When we decide to take our dog with us, whether it is a cross country RV journey or a traditional camping trip, you need to ensure that clean water is always on hand. Dehydration is no joke – fail to provide water to your pet and you risk lethargy, exhaustion, disorientation, and a string of issues you really don’t need. This is enough to let you know that water is always needed close at hand, even when you think your pet can manage a few hours without it- they really shouldn’t.

And what better way to offer the water to your pet than in a nice portable dog travel bowl? Always there when you need it, this accessory is a quick and easy solution to all water and food situations. No more bulky sets or huge bags – these collapsible designs are extremely easy to carry around and will fit into a bag, a backpack, and even your pockets. And even though they can be collapsed to a fraction of their size, they still don’t lose any of their toughness and durability. And when you are out and about, camping or in the park, durability really comes as an important aspect. And as we all know, durability is the big deal with all dog accessories – they need to be able to withstand the tossing and turning, biting and nibbling, and all else in between. 

Dog travel bowls are not only good for offering water and keeping your pupper hydrated but they are also a good option for when it is dinner time! If you are out camping, we sure hope you brought a bit of dog food for your pet’s needs. Well, no need to look for DIY solutions or dump the food on the ground – with a nice collapsible travel bowl, your pet can eat in style, just like at home. And that is what is so great about travel bowls – they keep everything clean, sanitary, and healthy. No more improvisations or cheap, clumsy alternatives. No more water out of the palm of your hand or suspicious-looking roadside containers and taps. Clean, FDA approved, and sanitary containers can now be right there in your pocket – and all the better for your pet! You can make things easier for yourself and your four-legged friend – and with that, you can both enjoy your next adventure together.

There are some essential details that make dog travel bowls really worth the money, and these features all need to be taken into account. This will ensure that your purchase works well for your needs and gives you the best bang for your buck. While it is always better to invest in a pricier option – smart investments that actually help us and our pets are always the proper choices- you don’t have to break the bank to get a quality set of bowls that will last you a long time. The market today is filled with fantastic options and unique new designs, and making your choice can be challenging. That’s why you have to know what you’re looking for to make the right choice- and these are some features that all dog travel bowls should have:

  • Durability

With travel bowls, durability becomes imperative. With traveling, camping, and general carrying about, these bowls do see a lot of wear and tear. And not to mention the damage your pet can make – the nibbling and chewing in moments of boredom happen all too often. Luckily, many brands today offer unique FDA approved silicone and rubber solutions with durable plastic elements that stood up well to all tests canines put them through. Of course, it is really important to opt for approved materials that are food grade and safe, so don’t sacrifice safety over durability’s sake. 

  • Size

Size is equally as important. Always consider the size and breed of your pet when you are making your purchase. Getting a too small or too large bowl can defeat the purpose, and leave your pupper shortchanged. Small ones simply won’t contain enough water or kibble, and having to always refill them will be a hassle. But an overly large travel bowl is difficult to carry around and often cannot be collapsible. Opting for something in the middle is often the best possibility.

  • Design

There are several unique design options available on the market today. You can opt for whatever fits your needs, but in general, the collapsible travel bowl design is the most common option. Not only is it flexible and durable, but can be collapsed to a fraction of its true size – and that makes traveling that much easier. You can also look for nifty carrying hooks or carabiner clips. With these, you will not risk losing your bowls, and you can even hook them to a backpack for easy and hands-free carrying. Of course, colors and patterns also fall into the overall design- you get to pick something both pretty and functional at the same time.

  • Portability

Now, what would a travel dog bowl be without being portable? You want to find a lightweight, small, and inconspicuous version that won’t be a hassle to carry around wherever and however you go. On camping trips, there are already enough of odds and ends and bits and bobs that you need to take care of. That is why a simple pair of dog travel bowls will be no nuisance whatsoever. And for anyone who is always on the go and loves traveling comfortably – this means a lot.

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