Little Dove Pet TeePee Bed

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Remember all the fun you had as a kid making teepees? Give your dog or cat a little hut to call his own, whether it’s for an afternoon nap or a reprease from the sun.

So, you’re stuck in the house with the kids on a boring, rainy afternoon and don’t know what to do for fun. No, not the two-legged variety that want you to take them to the movies, the fur kids! Yes, our furry critters also get bored and they often need a little mental stimulation to prevent them from getting into mischief (read: chewing and incessant barking) the moment your back is turned.

What to do… what to do? Why not build a fort? All animals like a nice cozy space to hang-out and have some alone time… for cats, probably longer than should ever be allowed. And don’t all dogs just love it when their pet parent gets down on the floor to work on a project? Ever try cleaning the floors with an excited pooch happily wagging his tail beside you?

Well the good folks at Little Dove Store get it and they’ve developed their Little Dove Pet TeePee Dog and Cat Bed.

Intrigued? Your pet sure will be.

This creative little pet bed house is constructed from 100% durable cotton canvas and is machine washable for when play-time gets messy. The base model stands a mere 24 inches tall and is held in place by durable pine poles for a cozy nook that can withstand the rough and tumble activities of pets weighing up to 15 pounds. For larger critters, versions are available for dogs up to 35 pounds with the largest “Kid TeePee” suitable for those in the 40-45-pound range.

Front panel flaps lift back just like a real tent and can be tied in place with the included leather straps to ensure you’re always able to see what your pet is up to.

Better still, it’s not only a great hideout for your pet to curl up and nap in during the day but a safe space for him to retreat to during noisy thunderstorms and an ideal sun shelter for when activities bring you outdoors.

What I love is that it’s a snap to assemble and folds down like an umbrella to pack up and use anywhere, any time. And the assembly is where you can bond with your pooch as you sit on the floor and he excitedly, monitors your progress as his new hideout takes shape. Clever rubber, skid resistant tips means this pet house won’t gravitate across the room each time your little guy enters and exits.

You can opt for the basic tent-only, or upgrade to include a plush, machine washable cushion, fur mat or a heat-resistant pad which is great for pool decks, hot patios or the beach.

And just to ensure your pet knows it’s his very own space, the Little Dove Pet Teepee Dog and Cat Bed includes a wee chalkboard that allows you to customize this pet hang-out space to include his name or even “cats / dogs keep out” messaging to help prevent unwelcome intruders.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and a feline who prefers to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife

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