Spider Dog Costume Will Scare the Squee Out of You This Halloween

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Oh, what a perfect web you’ll weave… with this Spider Dog Costume! We can’t decide if this furry arachnid is scary or scary cute – you decide!

From the evil minds at California Costumes, this freaky Spider Dog Costume is sure to turn heads and scare kids (well it is Halloween) as your pooch scuttles along with you in tow. This super easy-to-clean polyester get-up includes a furry headpiece with giggle-inducing googly eyes and eight attached legs with bright orange tufts to help accentuate the spider joints and reinforce a sense of awe and fear in all that happen upon this frightening beast as he makes the rounds from door to door.

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Best of all, it’s sized for every dog. From itsy-bitsy-spiders like Bichon-Frise and Chihuahuas to more serious threats such as Pugs and Jack Russells and even those run-for-your-life, large-sized dogs such as Labrador Retrievers and Goldens. No one is safe on All Hallows’ Eve when Spider Dog hits the streets.

So grab your leash, your poop bags (even spiders aren’t exempt) and iPhone as the sun sets and the witching hour descends… cuz you’re going to want to capture him in action!

Look at the upside; no one will be asking an 8-legged, 4-googly-eyed dog what the trick is… just doling out the treats and backing away! Pick up a Spider Dog Costume before Halloween creeps away.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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