Product Review: Kurgo Skipping Stones [Video]

Kevin Roberts
by Kevin Roberts

Our dogs love to fetch, and they love to swim! And fetching and swimming together, means they burn off that energy faster as well – that’s a win-win situation.

We headed out to the beach to test out Kurgo’s new Skipping Stones ($13 for a pack two). We tested out the green and the blue stone. At first, we were skeptical. A rubber stone? I am weary of dog products that are simply not useful, marketed more for people than dogs.

The Skipping Stones are not shaped like a regular, flat stone that you would skip on the beach. They feature an irregular shape. They come in green, blue and orange. Each stone is a slightly different size and shape. The colors are bright and make it easy to spot the toy in the water.

The Skipping Stones are molded out of one piece of rubber, so there are no small bits to break or be chewed off. Unlike a real stone, the rubber Skipping Stone is not going to damage your dog’s teeth, and it floats!

The Test

We gave them a whirl. Literally, a quick snap of the wrist, and these dog toys went flying and whirling out over the water, and skip, skip, skipped!

Like I mentioned before, the Skipping Stones are made of a tough rubber. Some toys in our house have not lasted more than 10 minutes. But after hours of play, the toy didn’t even show a tooth mark! Being rubber, the toy doesn’t get water logged so the play can go on and on.

An added bonus, when it was time to take a break, the rubber died quickly. Unlike a tennis ball, the toy was not gross or slimy when we put it away. It also fit easily into my pocket when I wanted the dogs to take a break, so I could eat my lunch in peace! It’s a pet peeve of mine to have a tennis ball bulge in my bathing suit pocket. Every dog on the beach knows what you are trying to hide, and then they all come sniffing around your bathing suit. Not fun! But the Skipping Stones made no noticeable bulge, and I was able to walk about undetected.

The Verdict

Would we buy this product? Yes! As soon as we opened up the box, the dogs were at attention. The Skipping Stones were easy to spot, even in the waves. It floated well, and the few times the dogs thrashed and wrestled over it, pushing it down, it came up in seconds again to the surface.

Burger and River really loved the texture of the toy, and slapping it along on the beach. They dug and pawed at it.

In fact, Burger loved this toy so much that he buried one on the beach and we couldn’t find it. That’s why I think it’s a good thing they come in a two pack!

Belle can fetch for hours and hours, without ever getting tired or bored. Sometimes I get bored before she does, and end up with a wet slimy ball being dropped on my lap over and over. I had fun throwing this toy, skipping it along further and further in the water.

We have already made plans to take the dogs out to the beach again to play with the Skipping Stones. I also wanted to share how much fun we had playing with these toys, so I made a video of our adventure – you can watch it below.

Note: was NOT compensated for this review. We received a two-pack of Kurgo Skipping Stones to review. The opinions expressed in this post are the author’s. We provide unbiased feedback of the products and share products we think our readers would enjoy using and learning more about.

Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts lives for adventure. Together with his pack of rescue dogs and his husband, he spends as much time outdoors as possible. Kevin lives by the motto: "Get outside and play with your dogs!

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