It’s Natural That Your Dog Wants Jones Natural Chews

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
Have you got a bone to pick… with dog bones? If you’re thinking of giving your dog one to chew on, remember that not all meat bones are created equal.

When the topic of chew bones for dogs come up, pet parents have different takes on whether or not they’re safe. While it’s true that negative effects can occur when a dog consumes harsh or unsuitable dog bones, there are plenty of positives that come along with quality meat bones that are made for healthy chewing. Take Jones Natural Chews – they’ve got bones for every kind of chewer that will keep your dog happy, healthy and occupied!

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Are Dog Bones Safe?

Dogs can certainly enjoy a delicious bone as long as they are being supervised. It is highly recommended that you supervise your dog when you feed him treats, bones and chews. You’ll want to choose a suitable bone for your dog that is consistent with the size of your dog and his chewing habits.

Once your dog chews the bone to the point where it is small enough to fit inside of his mouth, it is time to remove it from his grasp. This goes for any small bone pieces that can break off during consumption. Jones Bones are especially safe since they are all tested for splintering. They undergo pressure and moisture tests that ensure the best bone strength.

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Made in the USA!

All Jones’ dog bones and products are made in the USA. This includes the entire procedure from manufacturing from start to finish. The products are created from USDA-inspected meat plants that are located within the United States.

Types of Jones Bones Available

  • 1” and 2” Center Bones: These bones are perfect for small- to medium-size dogs. The bones have succulent marrow in the center and are dipped in natural liquid smoke and slowly roasted.
  • Beefy Straight Crown: This full flavored bone has meaty pieces and is dipped in natural liquid smoke. The beefy straight crown, in case you were wondering, is the bottom half of the crown knuckles from the beef tibia on the hind leg.
  • 2” Center Bone Jumbo: This bone contains some bone marrow and lots of meaty tidbits. It’s the perfect size for small- to medium-size dogs.
  • Natural Center Bone 4”: This delicious oven baked bone is all-natural beef femur bones. Dogs that are small to medium size will find these bones to be the perfect size.
  • 4” Center Bones: Slowly roasted with marrow in the center, this tasty bone has meaty pieces left on the bone that your dog will enjoy.
  • 7” Center Bones: Medium- to large-size dogs will enjoy these slowly roasted bones that are dipped in natural liquid smoke.
  • Natural Center Bone 7″: Medium- to large-size dogs can dig in to this all-natural beef femur bone that is oven baked to perfection.
  • Bandit’s Bones: This delicious 4” all natural white bare bone is filled with tasty beef that will keep your dog busy for hours.
  • Jampacked Jawzers: This 4” all-natural white bare bone is filled with cheese and chicken. This bone is best suited for dogs that are small to medium in size.
  • Bare Bones: These bones come 2”, 4” and 7”. They are suitable for any size dog. They are beef center bones from the tibia or femur. They are flavorful and provide hours of chewing fun for your dog.
  • Jumbo Bones: Medium to large dogs will enjoy chewing on this whole USA beef femur bone from the hind leg. They are 16” to 18” long.
  • Dino Bone: Your dog doesn’t have to be familiar with the Flintstones to enjoy this tasty bone. It has delicious meaty pieces and is whole USA beef arm bone from the front leg. It is 12” to 14” long.
  • Slammer Bones: Medium to large dogs will chew on the meaty chunks all around the bone of this whole USA beef leg bone with one knuckle from the front leg.

Fetch a Jones Bone

Jones Natural Chews dog bones and their other treats can be found in retailers near you. Check out their website to search for locations in your area.

There’s no reason why your dog can’t enjoy delicious and safe bones that will keep him busy for hours. Let him satisfy his instincts with these hardy meat bones!

Shellie Sutera is a freelance writer from sunny Miami, Florida. When she’s not secretly smuggling her adorable dog Hercules into the local beaches for sun and surf, she’s a passionate writer that specializes in writing about dogs and all of their unique quirks. She spends her free time cooking Italian food, raft boating, volunteering and traveling to dog-friendly destinations.

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