Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: It’s A Groomin’ Rainbow Nightmare

What happens when the groomer turns your dog’s do into a rainbow don’t? Before you get snippy, ask the Hairy Dogfathers what they would do in this situation.

Dear Hairy Dogfathers,

I have a bit of a “hairy” situation here. I dropped off my dog Max at the groomer, one we’ve been going to for years with no troubles. When I picked up Max, well, it wasn’t what I expected at all! We usually go for our regular groom, and that means a pretty close haircut. But the groomer took some, how do I put it… artistic license. Max is now multicolored – my pure white dog has been dyed a rainbow of colors! When I refused to pay, the groomer refused to give me my dog back. So I paid, and left. Now I want my money back, but it’s my word against hers! Please help!

Signed, Rainbow Woes

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André says

Dear Rainbow Woes,

I am so sorry to hear about Max, it sounds like both of you had quite an ordeal. Normally I like to give folks the benefit of a doubt, but unless you specifically asked for artsy new look, there is no way that the groomer should have taken such liberties.

Adding a little bow or bandanna is one thing; rainbow dye without express permission is something else. You should go right to the owner of the business and tell them why you will never be coming back. If they are smart they will get rid of the groomer and give you a few free visits to keep you and Max happy.

When it’s all said and done hopefully you can laugh it all off, in the meantime take advantage of the situation and get some fun pictures of multicolored Max!

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Kevin says:

Dear Rainbow Woes,

Oh no! This is shocking! I worked as a groomer to put myself through university, and I never, ever saw something like this happen in a shop. The vast majority of groomers are amazing people who love pets.

My advice is to find a new groomer ASAP. Hopefully things have settled down at your regular groomer and if they have, I suggest you call to ask for your money back. If that isn’t going to happen, contact your local Better Business Bureau and file a complaint. I hope the fur grows out quickly!

Hairy Dogfathers
Hairy Dogfathers

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