How Much Does A Dog Cost?

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Few people actually sit down and plan out every expense related to owning a dog. And let’s face it – it’s close to impossible to work out the exact amount it’ll cost to own a dog in the long run. So ask yourself, “how much does a dog cost?” We’ve got good news for you – we’ve got a tool that will give you a good idea on how much a dog will run you in its lifetime.

When you don’t do some general planning around the costs associated with owning a dog, you’re more likely to get in over your head. In fact, a big reason why many dogs end up at shelters is because owners don’t realize the cost involved and can’t afford them.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t own a dog because it is expensive. We are saying that you need to be prepared. Before you bring home a new furry addition to your family, you should be armed with a summary of the costs involved with owning a dog. That way, you can set up a budget that allows you to sock money away for your pooch.

Do you know what expenses are involved with owning a dog? Here’s an easy tool that will do the math for you. You’ll have to do a little research, but you’ll be ahead of the game – there’s no better feeling than knowing that your best friend will have everything he needs to have a healthy, happy life.

How much does a dog cost? Use the tool below to find out.