Get Back to Nature With the Eco Cat Furniture Kickstarter

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Who says style, environmental consciousness, and kitty love can’t coexist? Fashionable and functional come together in the Eco Cat Furniture line.

As a modern cat lover, I am no stranger to the kitty friendly accoutrements that line shelves in pet stores. I know my foster kittens would love to get their paws on large-scale cat furniture, but there has always been one thing holding me back from taking the plunge: how hideous the grey carpeted cat gymnasiums are. I’m not exactly shy about my cat love either, many a mug in my kitchen bares the “crazy cat lady” emblem. I have sacrificed too many chairs in order to avoid having such an eyesore in my living room. Plus, knowing how my cats chew on, eat on, and generally stink up furniture of any kind, I thought there would never be cat furniture I would be excited about. That was until I came across the Eco Cat Furniture Kickstarter.

The Eco Cat line is visually breathtaking. It’s so stylish, one might believe it to be an artistic wall installation in a fancy SoHo loft. It is made out of beautifully salvaged wood and bold metal hardware, creating a harmonious nature/industrial blend. These pieces have been crafted lovingly by a group of designers and pet lovers that don’t want you to have to sacrifice style for your feline friends. One better, the material the Eco Cat line is made from is sustainable and chemical free.

Traditional pet furniture is filled with all kind formaldehyde and other preservatives, meaning every time your pet chews on it, they are getting a dose of nasty. Eco Cat products are clean, healthy, and safe for whatever your pet throws at it. You won’t find glue, smelly carpet, paints, or dyes on your new Eco Cat installation. The wood used is reclaimed, meaning no new trees were cut down to produce the furniture. Instead, stylish worn planks from old barns get to be repurposed for your home. The steel hardware is also treated with safe ingredients and allowed to oxidize naturally; it’s truly beautiful.

Tall cat furniture helps your kitty feel confident and secure in indoor environments. Your furry friend’s ancestors used to hunt and survey the land from high up vantage points. In houses with more than one cat, vertical space may help divide up territory and help with fighting and disputes. Having more space to play encourages your cat to stay active and healthy, boosting mood and keeping them in tip-top shape. Famous cat whisperer, Jackson Galaxy, would always bring “cat trees” into houses where there were behavioural issues on his television show. I would always grimace at the 6-foot tall fabric and plastic trees that the family would have to keep in their living room. However, I would jump at the chance to own an Eco Cat Furniture piece. I think my cats would jump on it too.

Eco Cat Furniture has just launched a Kickstarter to begin production on their new line and if you’re as excited as I am about the potential you can back them at their Kickstarter link. There are various rewards for pledging to the project, starting at $15 where you receive a handcrafted reclaimed barn wood keychain. The project is hoping to start production this August, so hurry for your chance to be one of the first recipients. With your help, they can help save the planet one cat at a time!

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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