The Queen and Her Corgis Hold Court on Vanity Fair Cover

In honor of her 90th birthday, Vanity Fair featured British monarch Queen Elizabeth and her pooches on its latest cover. Royal paw wave!

Ford’s Noise-Cancelling Kennel Helps Pooches Feel Safe During Firewo

The world-renowned automaker released the Quiet Kennel as a part of their Interventions campaign- and pet parents all over are loving it.

Husky Chills Out In Ice Machine To The Beat Dog Days Of Summer [Video]

The video of a Siberian Husky chilling in an ice machine proves that there's more than one way to beat the summer heat.

Top 10 Polite Canadian Dog Deals (Eh!)

Celebrate 150 years of Canada being the nicest, most maple-syrup-coated country there ever was by covering your dog in Canuck-inspired gear, eh.

Snuggle Up With the Queen and Her Corgi Pillow Clones

I am more than amused at SpoonFlower's 90 Corgi-clones - stuffed pillows made especially for the Queen's 90th birthday (and a life-sized monarch!)

Foodie Pooches Give Seattle Barkery Food Truck 4 Paws Up

Roaming gourmet food trucks are all the rage with humans... so it's no wonder why the trend is catching on with pet parents and their pooches.

PetBot Petcam Lets You Dole Out Treats And Take Pet Selfies

Need a pet perk at work? The PetBot petcam lets you watch your dog and dispense treats for pet selfies that are sent right to your cell phone!

Virtual Reality Dog Experience May Help Prevent Future Dog Bites

Scientists at the University of Liverpool believe that a virtual dog may be the newest and best educational tool to help prevent people from getting bitten b…

Meet Mya the Pomsky, a Real-Life Firefox!

Mya the Pomsky is breaking the Internet, thanks to her owner posting a stunning image of the pooch. She looks just like the Firefox logo!

Dogs Wearing Soccer Jerseys Score With World Cup Fans can’t wait for 2014 FIFA World Cup to start tomorrow. And when it kicks off in Brazil, we’ll all be watching with our pooches, sport…

Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds

An even temperament and a surplus of love and affection, many breeds make great therapy dogs. Here are our picks for Top 10 Therapy Dog Breeds.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Breed Behind the Sad Face?

These dog breeds may look sad, but honestly, they're happy on the inside. Test your knowledge and figure out which breed hides behind the doleful face!

Do Cat People or Dog People Have More Fun?

We really "like" this kind of research. Our friends at Facebook's Research Department get to the bottom of an age-old battle!

Top 10 Grand St. Patrick’s Day Gifts For Irish Setters (…Or Any Do

St. Patrick's Day means the leprechauns enjoy a bit o' mischief with their furry friends, and you don't want to leave your best pup out of the celebrations.

Top 10 Best Police Dog Breeds

Ready to step in when law and order is needed, these police dog breeds are ready to serve and protect... and do a lot more than you thought.

Good Boy Helps His Human When She’s Locked Out Of House

A very good boy helped unlock the door for his human when she was locked out of her house, proving dogs really are the best security systems!

11 Sustainable Pooch Products

Being an environmentally friendly pet parent has never been more convenient. We've picked a few dog products that help make the world a greener place.

It’s Official: FBI Actively Tracking Animal Cruelty Cases Across U.S

The FBI has launched a tracking system within the National Incident-Based Reporting System, making it easier to track animal cruelty cases across the U.S.

10 Best Toys For Your Pomsky

Your Pomsky is smart and playful with a large amount of energy! You'll want to keep that brain challenged, so here are the 10 best toys for your Pomsky.

Top 10 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

Who can resist those baby blues? See if you can, with our top 10 dog breeds with blue eyes.

RedRover Grants Funds To Help Animal Victims Of Domestic Violence

Some people stay in abusive situations out of concern for their pet left behind. An organization committed is dedicated to making it a thing of the past.

Study Shows Only a Quarter of Workplaces Are Pet-Friendly- Here’s Ho

More and more companies are starting to see the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces- Trupanion offers a few tips on how to successfully become one.

Cardboard Canine Costumes Crack Us Up!

Cosplay is fun, but let's be honest...all those costumes can add up. A Japanese woman has found a hilarious and cost effective way to dress up her dog.

IKEA Store Opens Doors to Stray Dogs in Italy

An Ikea store in Catania, Italy, is making headlines all over the world after they let strays feel at home in their furnished room displays.

Help Kickstart Teddy Food and Save Homeless Pets Around the World

Help save homeless pets with a new online service where you can choose a pet from an animal shelter and provide support from home.

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

For dogs who are attached at the hip (or in this case, your stomach), this hoodie will no doubt make them feel included as you work your day away.

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

Top 10 Lola B. Boston Looks for Halloween

What will the most fashion forward dogs be wearing this Halloween? We asked Lola B. Boston, and she gave us her Top 10 most boo-tiful costumes.

Your Dog Will Have a Ball With the Pebby WiFi Toy

Play with your dog when you're not around with Pebby. Track, monitor, and play with your furbaby from wherever you by funding this cool Kickstarter.

Top 10 Awwww-Inducing Cute Dog Names

Your puppy is so adorable, you want to give your pet an equally sweet name. Here's our list of super cute dog names that will have you squeeing with glee.

Magnolia Paws For Compassion Raises Awareness For Seizure Detection Do

What can’t service dogs be trained to do? Here’s the story of one program’s pledge to provide one-of-a-kind support animals to those affect…

Fabulous Dog Toys From Global Pet Expo

We spent a lot of time playing with some cool and amazing dog toys at Global Pet Expo. Here are just a few of the dog toys we couldn't put down.

Top 10 Fetching Dog Toys for Holiday Giving

Play time is one of the most important dog tasks of the day. Get out there and play - here are our picks for fetchingly awesome dog toys.

British Government Wants to Crack Down on Puppy Mill Breeders

To put a stop to backyard breeding, Britain's environment secretary could be placing a ban on all third-party puppy sales.

Top 10 Mellow Dog Breeds

Take a chill pill. These bump-on-a-log dogs take the prize for being mellow mutts. Take a long, lazy looks at our top 10 mellow dog breeds.

Earth Rated’s “Cards Against Caninity” Supplies Laughs and Shelt

Here's the poop: Nominate an animal shelter to win a case of fleece blankets, and you're entered to win Earth Rated's hilarious card game.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man and His Prison Pup Enjoy Their Freedom

It's an unbelievable story that's true. A man wrongly imprisoned for almost four decades has been released, and he's bringing his dog Innocent with him.

Top 10 Large Breed Dogs

Don't let their size fool you - large breed dogs also come with large hearts to offer you colossal love. Meet 10 gentle giants that are large and in charge!

Paws For Patriots Matches Dogs With Student Veterans

A unique service dog program is helping college students who are also military veterans, bringing furry Paws to American Patriots.

Sony’s New Aibo Robotic Dog is Giving Us Puppy Dog Eyes

A new version of a beloved robotic puppy dog from Sony is out, but we should warn you, those puppy dog eye's will make you want to give him a robotic treat!

IKEA Introduces New Pet Line To The United States And We Are “Lurvig

No-frills, simply fabulous furniture store IKEA has taken its furniture line offerings to the next level--introducing to the The Lurvig pet product line.

Top 10 Cool Finds From SuperZoo 2013 – Part 1

Wow – it’s hard to believe that another SuperZoo has come and gone. We’re still recovering – there was so much to see and do, and…

Timeout Photo Collection Captures Dogs’ Lament To The Cone Of Shame

How can a thin sheet of plastic cause so much humiliation (and laughter)? Take a closer look at the struggle through the lens of photographer Ty Foster. Bett…

15 Favorite Photos From the 2017 Westminster Dog Show

The 2017 Westminster Dog Show has come and gone. But let's look back on the good times - with these adorable dog pictures!

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Steal From Global Pet Expo 2016 [Video]

My infamy precedes me! That's why I have to disguise myself in the latest Top 10 Things I'd Like to Steal from Global Pet Expo 2016 - Where's Amy Edition.

A Motorcycle Ride to Raise Money for Pets? Yes Please.

Hogs 4 Paws is looking to put the FUN back in fundraising. Join them with their 2nd Annual Rescue Ride for Animals in Denton, Texas this May!

Fashionable Fall Picks for Fabulous Pooches

When the temperatures start to drop, make sure you have the means to keep your four-legged friend both warm and fashion-friendly with these fall picks.

Pets Hidden in Optical Illusions Reveal a Double Meaning

An amazing collaboration between photographer Amol Jadhav and visionary director Pranav Bhide brings us a collection of stunning and powerful pictures.

Expecto Pet-ronum: Survey Reveals Pet Preferences of Harry Potter Fans

According to a fun survey that a company named Joybird did, it seems that Harry Potter fans have unexpected favorites when it comes to pets.

Top 10 Tech Accessories To Help Fido Get Fit

The New Year has arrived, and with it comes a long list of resolutions. If you’re determined that this is the year you’re going to get in shap…

Best Toys For Your Miniature Husky

The toys this breed plays with have to challenge their mind and be durable, so we've put together a list of the 10 Best toys for Miniature Huskies.

Stop, Drop & Learn: Kasey Program’s Dogs Teach Kids About Fire Safet

Firefighter Jeff Owens doesn't let retirement slow him down. With the Kasey Program, Owens and his black Labs tour schools to teach kids about fire safety.

Prom Pooch and Her Date Take the Crown as Best Dressed Couple

A talented teen fashionista made her pooch's matching prom dress - with picture perfect results. They win our "Best Dressed Bitches" award this prom season!

‘Tis The Season For Giving – Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen Helps Pets

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen keeps pets and families together – with some help from you! The holiday season is here, and it is important to remember…

Ohio City Council Revising Dog Ordinance to Include Breed-Neutral Word

An Ohio town proposed amendments that would remove breed-restrictive wording for its community to ensure breed-neutral legislation.

Creepy Pug Mask Talks When You Talk!

Filed under the weirdest stuff found on the web this week: Realistic animal masks with mouths that move when you talk. Freak out your dog with one!

Top 10 Healthy Vegetables For Dogs

Mom was onto something! No matter how you slice and dice it, you'll want to add these top 10 healthy vegetables for dogs into your pooch's diet.

10 Beautiful Bulldog Baubles

There are two kinds of people: those who love Bulldogs... and those we're not friends with. Show them you're on team Bulldog with these must-have trinkets.

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Music Goes To The Dogs… of Hurricane Harve

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus has released a new song from the album Dog Songs, and all proceeds will go to the ASPCA, helping dogs displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Legal Limbo of Emotional Support Animals Threatened by Frauds

An emotional support animal can be certified instantaneously online, but what does that mean for the public? Here's why easier hurts those in need.