U.S. Moves To Make Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony

With a unanimous vote in favor of the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act this week, the United States House of Representatives took a historic…

How YOU Can Help Save Montreal’s Pitbulls

If you're as mad as hell about Montreal's horrible Pitbull ban, you can do something about it. Here are a few ways you can help get the ban repealed.

Officer McGruff The Crime Dog Can’t Catch a Break in New Geico Ad [V

Geico has tickled the doggy-lover's funny bone once again, featuring Officer McGruff the Crime Dog getting a bit of good-natured ribbing by his colleagues.

Sorority Sisters Go to Court Over Service Dog in Chi Omega House

An Ohio judge allows a Chi Omega sorority sister to keep her service dog, despite another sister's claims of allergy problems caused by dander.

Wag-Related Tail Amputation Doesn’t Stop This Dog From Finding Furev

The "Happiest Dog In Scotland" has found his happily ever after, adopted after his tail was amputated because he wagged it too much and too hard.

Study Says That Pet Type Says A Lot About You

Being a dog, cat, bird or other kind of pet owner says a lot about you. Perhaps more than you expected - do any of these things ring true with you?

Your Dog Can Text You When He’s Gotta Go With New Barking Mat

Are indoor pee puddles a common sight in your home? Break the habit with the Barking Mat, a cool new house training tool available through Indiegogo.

Top 10 Strongest Dog Breeds

These dogs have a mighty woof - and the strength to back it up. When you want a dog that's got your back, consider these strongest dog breeds.

Arizona To Ban Greyhound Racing by End of 2016

The sport of betting on greyhound racing is on its last legs in the United States. Arizona plans to ban the cruel practice by the end of this year.

Cute CryptoKitties Mobile Game Lets You Breed and Buy Digital Kittens

An innovative Canadian company has created a game about digital felines that has people going crazy to buy newly 'bred' cryptokitties!

Top 10 Dog Bow Ties For 2015

Bow wow - look who's a dapper dog! Here are our Top 10 picks for Dog Bow Ties that turn your pup into a polished pooch for any event, casual or classy.

Las Vegas Repeals Ban To Prevent The Selling of Pets in Pet Stores

Nevada City Council has repealed the pet sale ban, saying that it was only passed because of incorrect information from 'activists.'

Good or Bad Idea: The World’s First Automatic Dog Washing Machine

This brightly colored dog washer promises to keep your dog in place and cleans your pooch from snout to tail. Um, no thanks, we'll pass...

Go Green With Solar Heat for Your Dog House

Solar panels can be used to upgrade your dog house. Give him heat on demand, as long as the sun shines, using solar power to keep him comfy.

Top 10 Best Breeds to Take RV’ing

While any breed can be packed up and taken “on the road”, not all enjoy the process nor are they physically suited for this style of travel.

SuperZoo 2016 Day 1: ZuGoPets

On the go with your pet? From car to carry, ZuGoPet has a few creative ways to bring your pooch along for the ride and a cool way that he can hang out!

Scoop on Poop: Experts Reveal the Secret Stinky Stats

According to the data gathered by Rover.com, their dog walkers pick up about 9,000 poops a day, which equals about 2,000 pounds of waste on a daily basis.

Skechers’ Cool Kicks Give Best Friends Animal Society a Foot Up

These shoes are more than just a cute fashion statement. This limited collection from Skechers supports the Best Friends Animal Society.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Opens Its Gates To Dogs

Special event brings costumed canines to the Most Magical Place on Earth Disney is known for its popular dog movies: Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, Bolt…

Top 10 Kid Friendly Dogs

To find the perfect dog for your family, you need to know which breeds will be a better fit for your kids. Here's our top 10 list of kid friendly dogs.

Which Member Of The Paw Patrol Is Right For Your Family?

The Paw Patrol are a charming group of dogs led by a noble and steadfast German Shepherd named Chase, and since 2013, they’ve rescued their way into th…

Dogs In Food Instagram Photos Serve Up Delightful Doggie Dishes

Art imitating life has new meaning as a New York artist has created a photo series that combines dogs and food for delicious adorableness. An adorable photo…

Show And Tell: Pets In The Classroom Get An A+

Non-profit organization Pets in the Classroom offers grants to help teach students about pets Growing up, my family always had pets as a way to help teach us…

“Bachelor” Puppies Ask If You’re The One? [Video]

A litter of puppies up for adoption in Fort Collins named after contestants from the hit show "The Bachelor" are looking for their forever homes.

Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

Need more snuggles and less struggles? Cozy up to one of the top 10 cuddliest dog breeds, and watch all your problems just melt away.

New San Francisco Law: Pet Stores Can Only Sell Rescue Pets

A new amendment to a health code in San Francisco now bans pet stores within the city from selling dogs or cats - but they can come from rescues.

Recent Deaths Spur New Jersey Lawmakers To Regulate Pet Grooming Indus

Legislators in New Jersey are seeking the passing of a bill that would require dog groomers to be licensed, after recent deaths in New Jersey pet stores.

These Beautiful Photos Of Old Dogs Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Photographer Pete Thorne’s photo series “Old Faithful” is going to tug at your heartstrings. Guaranteed. If you’ve ever had one, yo…

Top 10 Dog Breeds That Stay Small

Big things come in small packages. Just look at these dog breeds that stay small - they've got a huge personality that makes up for their tiny statures!

Pets Go Postal on First Class “Forever Pets” Stamps

Seal your letters with a kiss and a lick! Pets are getting the first class treatment with the US Postal Service's new "Forever Pets" stamp series.

Top 10 Grand St. Patrick’s Day Gifts For Irish Setters (…Or Any Do

St. Patrick's Day means the leprechauns enjoy a bit o' mischief with their furry friends, and you don't want to leave your best pup out of the celebrations.

Most Epic Dog Resume Ever Gets Dog Hired as Professional Best Friend

Today's job market forces us to put our best foot forward. Turns out that one pup had some human help putting her best paw forward with an adorable resume!

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Puppy Love

Are you part of a canine couple? Show your dog just how much you love him this Valentine's Day with these cupid-inspired gifts.

Track Your Dog’s Mood With TailTalk Emotion Sensor

If you're happy and you know it, wag your tail! The TailTalk is a small device placed on your dog's tail that tells you how your dog is feeling.

Jacksonville Jaguars Debuts NFL’s First In-Stadium Dog Park

The Jacksonville Jaguars have paired with Pet Paradise to offer the NFL's first in-stadium dog park for lucky fans and auction winners.

‘Puptern’ Wanted: Texas Restaurant Will Pay You $100 an Hour to Pe

An unusual dog-friendly restaurant posted a job ad that went viral: their offer to employ someone to pet puppies inspired hundreds to apply.

Survey: Many Dog Owners Consider Themselves ‘Helicopter Parents’

A new survey found that 6 in 10 dog owners said they loved and cared for their pets so much they considered themselves ‘helicopter parents’.NOW…

Pets in the Classroom Receives Grant From PetSmart Charities

With a $25,000 grant from PetSmart Charities, The Pet Care Trust will help even more teachers across the US and Canada introduce pets to their classrooms.

Best Pairs of Pet Socks for Tender Tootsies

Don't you hate cold paws? Nothing is cuter than seeing your pooch wearing socks - especially when they're as pawsome as these happy hound hosiery picks.

Best Cyber Monday Pet Steals

If you thought Black Friday steals were great (they were!) hang on tight because Cyber Monday’s got another round coming. Spoiler: Your pets called us…

Britain Passes New Dog Microchipping Law

Britain has decided to make microchipping mandatory for all pets by April 2016 in the hopes of returning lost dogs to its owners.

All Aboard! Law Allowing Dogs On Amtrak Trains Is On Track

Congressman Jeff Denham gaining traction with bill that allows small pets on Amtrak trains. I always feel guilty leaving my dog behind when I go on adventure…

Marc Jacobs’ Trend-Setting Dog Is The New Face Of Sato Project

He's not just another pretty face! Neville Jacobs - Marc Jacobs' dog - partners with the Sato Project to help abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico.

Global Pet Expo: A Royal Bed Designed Especially for Your Furry Duches

Trying to see everything at the Global Pet Expo 2018 is ruff. And we've found the softest ever dog beds... don't mind us while we catch a little nap!

London Pop-Up Bar Employs Dogs as Servers

Londoners were treated to more than a cocktail last weekend. These lucky customers of the world's first-ever bar with a waitstaff made up entirely of dogs.

Hemp is Hip at Global Pet Expo 2016

Dude, hemp is everywhere at Global Pet Expo. It's being used as a supplement and in treats for a variety of purposes. Here's a few faves.

Washington Supreme Court Rules in Favor Of Girl and Her Service Dog

The Washington State Supreme Court rules that a previous decision must be reviewed in the case of a school district that banned a service dog.

10 Ways To Be A Responsible Pet Parent

It's not all licks and wags. If you can handle these 10 responsibilities that come along with dogs and cats, then you're ready to be a pet parent.

Quiz: Can You Guess These Famous Cartoon Dogs?

Spanning funny pages, Saturday morning classics, and prime time TV, the best cartoons always featured an animated dog. Guess these 10 famous cartoon dogs!

Your Dog Will Have a Ball With the Pebby WiFi Toy

Play with your dog when you're not around with Pebby. Track, monitor, and play with your furbaby from wherever you by funding this cool Kickstarter.

Man Builds Amazing Cat Creations From Cardboard

There are few lengths most pet owners would go to in order to make their pets. One man hits that out of the park with creative cat houses made of cardboard.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Military Dogs

The K9s who make the cut are the bravest of the brave. If you were impressed with them before, wait until you learn these amazing facts about military dogs.

Study: Dogs Listen To What We Say And How We Say It

Our pooches like to pretend they don’t hear us, but the jig is up — turns out our dogs really DO listen to what we say Sometimes you have to wond…

Something New: Puppies the Spotlight at North Carolina Couple’s Wedd

Giving back on their special day, a North Carolina couple decided to spread their love by showcasing puppy love and shelter awareness as they tied the knot.

Adopt a Dog, Get Awesome AirBnB (Almost) Free!

AurBnB and shelter dogs! There's a huge stray pet problem in Hungary and one bank has come up with an innovative way to help solve it!

Napping Grandpa Raised $30,000 for a Cat Sanctuary By Snoozing With Ki

If you were wondering what the term ’power (cat)nap’ means, let this feline-loving senior enlighten you. Earlier this month, a job ad went viral as…

Top 10 Things I’d Like to Steal From Global Pet Expo 2016 [Video]

My infamy precedes me! That's why I have to disguise myself in the latest Top 10 Things I'd Like to Steal from Global Pet Expo 2016 - Where's Amy Edition.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Families

It's time to add another member to your ranks! If you're looking for the best dog breeds for families, check out our top 10 picks.

10 Easter Goodies For Your Hoppy Pooch

Even dogs love finding Easter goodies. We've fallen head-over-bunny feet for these cute, pastel, and rabbit-related Easter-themed doggy gifts.

10 Unapologetic Photobombing Pets

These four-legged photobombers - they'll do anything to steal the spotlight from an otherwise perfect photo-op. And they make the photo unforgettable!