10 Precious Poodle Products for People

For those who have Poodles, the standards are pretty high. When it comes to gifting them, it's either go big (or miniature... or toy) or go home!

Planet Dog Donates $60,000 To Service, Therapy, Police Dog Programs

What great news! Planet Dog Foundation's stellar record of giving back continues with its latest grant of $60,000 to 12 worth dog assistance organizations.

Top 17 St. Patrick’s Day Gifts For Dogs

Looking to shower your pup with the love o' the Irish? Look no further than these top 17 St. Patrick's Day gifts for dogs!

Google Photos Now Has Facial Image Recognition For Your Pets

Pets are the subject of our photos, and Google Photos is taking note, using artificial-intelligence algorithms to help identify dogs and cats easily.

Tel Aviv Launches Revolutionary Digital Dog Concierge Service

Tel Aviv is one of the dog-friendliest cities in the world. They're working to keep that way with a new concierge service that caters to canines!

We Rate Dogs Is Now A Game: 15/10 Life Is Complete

The popular Twitter account We Rate Dogs has announced they’ve created a card game based on their oft-disproportionate ratings of dogs. 15/10 we are so…

8 Dog Breeds That Originated in China

Happy Chinese New Year - 2017 is the Year of the Rooster! To celebrate this new year, here's our list of eight dog breeds that originated in China.

Great News: Nevada’s New Bill 185 Bans Lease-to-Own Dogs

You may have heard about this dog scam - you can "Lease-to-own" a pooch. States are cracking down on it - Nevada has now banned the disturbing trend.

New Video Game for Dogs Could Reveal Early Signs of Canine Dementia

A company called Joipaw has developed a tracker and video game console for dogs whose primary goal is to monitor canine health and behavior issues before the symptoms become serious.

New Art Exhibit Designed Just for Artsy-Fartsy Dogs

These modern and interactive art exhibits in London prove that bipeds are not the only ones who enjoy culture and artistic genius!

Celebrity Lineup Announced For 2014 American Humane Association Hero D

The stars will be coming out for the 2014 American Hero Dog on September 27 at a red carpet event in Beverly Hills The fourth annual American Humane Associat…

12 Classy Pet-Inspired Back-to-School Essentials

Whether your kid is heading back to school or you're holding down a 9-to-5, these pet-friendly supplies keep you on top of homework and office work.

Dog Runs For Mayor on Platform of Fixing Pesky Potholes [Video]

Taking a look at U.S. politics, it's easy to say, "A dog could do better." In St. John's, NL, that may hold true as a pooch is seeking to become the mayor!

New Federal Law Makes Threatening Pets Punishable by Prison

The Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act will help ensure that threats or violence against a person's pets an emotional support animal is punishable by prison.

Top 10 Foods That Are Bad For Dogs

There are foods that can be deadly or cause illness when eaten by your dog. Here are our top 10 foods that are bad for dogs you'll find around your home.

Top 10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Got a problem with dog fur tumbleweeds taking over your home and furniture? Here's our list of Top 10 Non-Shedding Dog Breeds for people who hate to vacuum.

11 Hilarious Reasons Why Fences Don’t Deter Dogs

Fences make better neighbors, unless you're a dog, then you make your own rules. Sometimes, even the sturdiest of barriers can't stop a dog from going AWOL.

Top 10 Pre-Black Friday Deals for Pet Parents

It turns out Amazon has a host of awesome products on sale this year for pet parents, and they're offering these discounts before Black Friday even hits, so you can start shopping now.

15 Hilarious Dirty Dogs Who Don’t Give a Damn

After a stressful day, these pooches needed to relax in a a mud bath! Here are 15 of the dirtiest dogs who couldn't care less about what their owners think.

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

Help Kickstarter Pet Backpack Get Off the Ground

Help fund the Lambo Pet Backpack's Kickstarter campaign - a unique pet carrier that meets carry-on luggage dimensions for easier airline travel.

10 Oscar-Worthy Swag Bag Accessories for Chic Canines

The 2016 Academy Awards airs this Sunday. Don't let the celebrities have all the fun - make sure your dog is wearing these Oscar-worthy fashions.

Life’s a Beach For These Wave-Catching Pups!

While South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, this little beach town takes, "Surf's Up!" to whole new level for charity!

Top 10 Smelly Dog Breeds

That foul odor may be coming from you furry best friend. If you're the owner of one of these top 10 smelly dog breeds, we feel for your sniffer!

Best Bowls For Your Pomsky

Dog food and water bowls come in different shapes and sizes (like your pooch), so be sure you have the right one for your Pomsky!

10 Unapologetic Photobombing Pets

These four-legged photobombers - they'll do anything to steal the spotlight from an otherwise perfect photo-op. And they make the photo unforgettable!

Best Bowls For Shorkies

Finding the right bowl for your Shorkie is important because you want to keep hypoglycemia at bay, so we've gathered the best 10 bowls for Shorkies to help.

Top 10 Delightful Dog Smiles

To wrap up Pet Dental Health Month, here's a roundup of some ferocious (and adorable) fangs. And remember - a healthy smile makes your dog happy!

Real Life Fox and Hound Are the Cutest Ever

How's this for an unlikely pair? Australian Shepherd/Malamute mix Moose the dog and his best buddy Juniper the fox makes us melt at the cuteness!

5 Ways to Build a Bond With Your Dog

Are you looking for ways to grow even closer to your dog? We've put together 5 ways to build a bond with your dog.

Top 10 Best Water Dog Breeds

Are you looking for a natural born swimmer? If you want a pooch who loves to splash around in the pool, check out our list of water dog breeds!

Top 10 Reasons for Adopting Two Bonded Dogs

Adopting two dogs means more pooches to love, among other reasons! We're dishing out our top 10 reasons for adopting two bonded dogs.

City Of Mississaga Passes Dog Tethering Restrictions Bylaw

Do you hate seeing a dog chained up in a backyard? So does Mississauga city council, and they've passed a bylaw to limit time and areas of dog tethering.

New Bill Introduced To Bring Retired Military Dogs Home After Overseas

The Military Working Dog Retirement Act means to leave no dog behind after serving their duty. If the law passes, military dogs will be brought back to the U…

Kickstarter Squatting Dog Figurine a Modern “Objet D’fart”

Is it wrong that I’m going to fund the creation of a Squatting Dog figurine? Looking for that conversation piece that’ll tie your décor to…

Top 10 Super Fly Pet Products From Skymall

Have you heard the news that Skymall, the in-flight catalog that offered a vast array of wacky, never-been-seen items for purchase, is seeking bankruptcy…

No One-Trick For This Pony-Riding Dog! [Video]

We bet you've never seen a dog ride a one-eyed pony before. But guess what? Today is your lucky day - we've got a video you need to watch!

Top 10 Best Dogs for Seniors

Pets make perfect companions for aging people. If you're looking for a pooch to spend your golden years with, here are the best dogs for seniors.

Best Leashes For Bernedoodles

It’s important to make sure the leash you choose for your Bernedoodle is the right one, so we’ve compiled a list of the best leashes for Bernedoodles.

University Students Are Waiting in Line to Walk This Giant Ball of Flu

Thousands of McGill University students are volunteering to walk a big fluffy Pyrenees dog, who quickly became a bona fide campus superstar.

UK Members Of Parliament To Reexamine Breed Restriction Legislation

Members of UK Parliament are examining an old law that restricts people from owning certain breeds, as the law doesn't seem to be preventing dog attacks.

New Legislation May Create “Dog Offenders” List

A new bill being introduced to the Michigan legislature aims to create an offenders' list of 'dangerous dogs' and hold owners more accountable for bites.

15 Best Gadget Gifts for Geeky Pets

This has been an awesome year for geeky pet parents. I've picked PetGuide's top 15 geeky and gadget gifts for pets who like to get their nerd on!

Top 10 Best Breeds to Take RV’ing

While any breed can be packed up and taken “on the road”, not all enjoy the process nor are they physically suited for this style of travel.

Jacksonville Jaguars Debuts NFL’s First In-Stadium Dog Park

The Jacksonville Jaguars have paired with Pet Paradise to offer the NFL's first in-stadium dog park for lucky fans and auction winners.

Top 10 Totally Terrific Toques For Dogs

Get a-head (get it?) of winter fashion trends. Top your pooch with a toasty warm (and utterly adorable) a Canadian-inspired toque.

Deer-Chasing Doggo Taken Into Custody, Charged With Being Hilarious

A social media post about dog carted off in a police car after reports of him attacking deer has sent the Internet into fits of activism and giggles.

Top 10 Lovable Lap Dogs

Lap dogs have a way of making you feel loved, needed… and warm! Snuggle up this these lovable pooches. The term “lap dog” is often used…

Dolly Parton Launches ‘Doggy Parton’ Apparel Line for Pooches

Aptly named Doggy Parton, this line of pet products includes everything from toys, clothes, collars, and leashes to fun accessories such as wigs and costumes – and, to top it all off, part of the proceeds is donated to an animal rescue.

Neurological Study Reveals Powerful Effect Petting Dogs Has On Brain

Petting a pooch sure feels nice, but did you know that petting a dog causes increased prefrontal brain activity? A new study by a team of scientists published at PLOS sheds some light on how interacting with our canine friends affects our brains.

Officer McGruff The Crime Dog Can’t Catch a Break in New Geico Ad [V

Geico has tickled the doggy-lover's funny bone once again, featuring Officer McGruff the Crime Dog getting a bit of good-natured ribbing by his colleagues.

Trader Joe’s Will Sell Treat-FIlled Advent Calendars for Dogs

What better way to get your pooch into the holiday mood than with delicious treats? Trader Joe's delighted pawrents with an advent calendar for dogs.

Escape Alert! New Kickstarter Campaign for GPS Pet Microchip Starts Se

A new company out of California wants to help you find your lost pet, stress-free — but they can’t do it without your help. Your beloved pet may…

New Florida Law Allows You to Break Into Cars to Save Dogs

Way to go Florida! With warmer weather on the horizon, this law comes at the right time, while paving the way for other states to follow suit.

Music That’s Made Just for Dogs Helps Anxiety and Depression

Music made for pooches! "Songs for Dogs and the People who Love them" hopes to ease your dog's mind by filling your home with tail-wagging tunes.

Snoot to Snoot: Q&A With Surf Therapy Dog Haole

Sandy beaches, sunny skies, and choice waves - what more could a surfing dog ask for? Haole uses his passion for the sport in his role of surf therapy dog.

Weiner Dogs Unite For an Pop Art Protest

An Australian artist uses a group of short-statured pups to symbolize the plight of the oppressed in his pop art protest.

Historic Bill Banning Puppy Mill Pet Store Sales in Hands of Californi

Legislation that will ban the pet store sale of all dogs, cats, and rabbits from commercial breeding facilities waits for governor's signature.

Drop It Like It’s Cute: These Pugs Are Here To Represent

This Australian photographer didn't choose the Pug Life - it chose him. Pug Master Flash and Ice Puge star in this collection of super-fly pet portraits.

2 Teen Inventors Pitch CollaRadar to TV’s America’s Greatest Maker

Two teens pitch their dog tracking and loss prevention system to the judges on America's Greatest Makers. Can they turn their dreams into a cool $1 million?