Box Kitty Wants Your Cat To Feel Like Royalty

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
When boring cat trees just don’t entertain your cat any more, create a feline fortress worthy of a king or queen. There’s nothing you can’t make with Box Kitty!

Cat towers aren’t for everyone… or every cat. You have an inner architect that can’t be silenced! Your home needs more kitty creativity! You and your cat (and your decor) need the Box Kitty!

If you like to change your decor with your mood, and your cat appreciates a cool fort, tower or castle to play in, you’ll want to check out this Indiegogo project. Box Kitty has recently started crowd funding for their “The Ultimate Modular Car House” project and once you’ve taken a look at it, you’ll begin to think it is, too!

This kitty castle is unlike any you’ve seen before. It’s made completely out of hard double-layered cardboard and is not easy to scratch through, which makes it super durable. It’s also water-resistant in case anything spills on it (water or urine notwithstanding), and is free of any harmful chemical additives, making is 100 percent feline-friendly!

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The amazing part about this castle is how customizable it is! It comes broken down into panels so you can build it how you’d like. You don’t want to build a castle because you believe that all people and cats are created equal? No problem – make your creation as complicated or as simple as you’d like. Simply put the places side-by-side and connect them using the hook-and-loop tabs on the side and begin building. Your design can be as simple as a single tower to as complex castle complete with triangle tops and a bridge at the bottom that connect the cat-dom.

There are several different kinds of panels that can all attach to one another four hours of fun. The “holey” panel, for example, has nine holes in the middle so, for example, you can be on one size wagging a little feather and your cat is on the other side, poking their paw through to get to it! There’s also a “peeky” panel and “floory” panel, the latter which allows your tower to have more than one tier.

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Another interesting aspect of this creation is that it can replace a few pieces of furniture in your home, making it cost-effective and super fun for your feline. For instance, you can build two squares with different panels and put them together and use it as a table to put your books and picture frames! Not only is it efficient for you, but your cat will enjoy playing inside of it as well.

To make you’re not boxed out of this cool concept, head over to Kitty Box’s IndieGoGo page and fund this fantastic feline fortress!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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