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Diana Faria

The Best Parrot Paraphernalia You’ll Squawk Over

We’re wild about birds and their beauty, intelligence…and knack for pooping on everything you love. Here are some products you’ll go Cuckoo for!

Feline Favors to Calm Your Cat

Cats have a secret agenda. Somewhere between rubbing against your legs and world domination, they plan to destroy everything you own. To avoid utter chaos, here are some cool cat products to appease your diabolical kitty.

The Best Hip Hemp Gear For Chill Canines

From clothes to food, hemp products are more popular than ever. Here are a few of our favorite pooch-friendly hemp products that are sure to make your chill side mellow with happiness, dude.

Pawsitively Purrrfect Presents for Cat Moms

From dainty necklaces to an adorbs dress, there is a multitude of fashionable ways to let everyone know you’re a crazy cat mom – and that’s cool with us. Here’s our list of must-have gifts to let your inner kitty run free.

Snuggle With Your Pet 24/7 In This Kangaroo Hoodie

The Best Doge Meme Knick-Knacks

A classic Internet staple, the Doge meme hasn’t lost any of its hilarity. If you didn’t know this famous Shiba Inu before, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of such smart, much wow Doge items.

Pawsome Gifts to Pamper Pooch Parents

When we fall in love with our dog’s unreserved affection and uncanny ability to make us laugh at any moment, we tend to fill our homes with things that remind us of them. Here are some of the fantastic dog-inspired products we found to add more joy into your life.

Noble Novelties Worthy of Your Aristo-Cat

When your cat is the supreme ruler of your home, there’s nothing you can do but knee down and pledge allegiance to their right of reign. Appeal to your demanding kitty’s merciful side by offering up these magnificent tokens as a sign of your undying loyalty. And remember, it could be worse – remember when you let the dog take over for the day? Yeah, let’s not talk about that fiasco.

Best Pug-licious Presents for Pug Lovers

Whether you need a gift for that pug-obsessed person in your life or want to treat yourself to something hilariously adorable, these pug-ified objects of awesomeness are guaranteed to give your life meaning.

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Kodak Video Monitor Keeps You and Your Pooch Connected

Mini Rex Rabbit