This Instagram Kitty Goes On Pawesome Outdoors Adventures With His Dad

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It seems that there is such a thing as a match made in heaven. Two years ago, JJ Yosh from Boulder, Colorado decided to adopt a cat- but as a climber, mountaineer, and an outdoors enthusiast, he probably didn’t expect to have a feline following him around on his many adventures. After all, most house cats are content with napping and eating most of the time! But, turns out that Simon is not like most cats: he’s an adventurer like his dad.

The black feline loves nothing more than to accompany his pawrent on travels and explorations. According to JJ, in the two years they’ve had together, the kitty-human duo managed to take road trips throughout most of the United States, which sometimes included spending 20 consecutive hours in the car. Simon and his dad had many exciting experiences together: they’ve visited the desert, camped in the forest, went kayaking and swimming together, and played in the snow. But, according to JJ, Simon’s favorite is anything related to fish and water- this extraordinary feline is a passionate swimmer and is fascinated by fish, both in the wild and in JJ’s aquarium back home. That’s why the nature-loving cat daddy says he’d like to take his pet to a tropical destination next, where he could swim and play with the fish.

Simon the kayaking kitty! "I'm the captain of this ship"

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Whether this is is a case of a pet soulmate, or the proof that the saying “like owner, like pet” is definitely true, one thing is for sure: Simon and JJ are an amazing duo. I got to admit; I can’t wait to see where the road takes them next! If you want to follow their adventures, too, make sure to check their Instagram and Facebook pages.