Mind-Reading Pet Psychics Are a Burgeoning Business

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Pet parents pay big bucks to communicate better with their best buddies.

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Whether you believe or not, there’s no question we all have a sneaky little fascination with the world of psychics, right?

I mean, I consider myself an open-minded skeptic and, true story, my sister was once told during a fun gal-pal visit to a psychic that my late father had reached out to tell her the dog was not happy with his new food. She had indeed, recently swapped out her home-made grub for something more processed. Hmmm… one does ponder.

Truth be told, if you show me just a smidge of proof, I’m on board. And according to polls conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights, I’m in good company. Because over 50% of Canadians claim they truly believe in psychic powers -no questions - asked while south of the border, Pew Research Center confirms more than 60% of Americans believe clairvoyants truly can see into the future.

Now, bundle these stats in with today’s pet owners, who spend thousands each year on clothing, accessories, grooming, spa treatments and gourmet nibblies for their fur kids and it’s easy to understand why asking them to drop a few hundred bucks to delve into what’s “really” going on behind Rover’s winsome brown peepers, is a no-brainer.

You see, today’s pet psychics are not only able to connect with deceased pooches but the living as well. Meaning you really can sit down and learn why Fluffy chose to poop on the new carpet or raid the garbage when you turned your back. Not to be confused with a pet behaviorist who utilizes animal psychology and technology to determine the best path forward, a psychic relies on your pet’s telepathic energy to spill the beans… which they, in turn, share with you.

Big business? You bet! In fact, many of the top pet psychics have months-long wait lists as anxious owners stand in line to get the scoop on whether their pet’s anxiety is down to something they did wrong. Better still, how would their pet like to see the issue corrected? There are even online courses that coach on how to read your pet’s energy.

According to author, animal expert, and Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, Stanley Coren, we’re in a post-pandemic era that has seen tight-quarter living result in owners considering their pets to be like children. Who doesn’t? Naturally, they want a deeper connection, and per Coren, “…even when their dogs can't talk, they will say things like: 'Do you love mommy? I know you do.' If the dog waves his tail, you feel good. People want that." Hmm…. sounds like we’re already adept at interpreting our pet’s thoughts, yes?

Of course, when considering deceased pets, loving families are always keen to know their fur kid was happy and content until the end. And that their pet forgave any transgressions mom and dad may have made – particularly important when euthanasia was in play. To me, this is the support one might expect from a friend or fellow pet parent however, it’s clearly the absolution many would rather “hear” directly from their deceased pet.

Fair play all around.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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